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Saturday September 05 @ 20:00
Sunday September 06 @ 20:00
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Played Hardchaos Or Universelc? Read This
Dear players.

It has come to our attention that the databases of these 2 servers got offered for download to the public.
Sadly these servers had no idea what security means and saved all your passwords without encryption.
With as result that anyone who downloaded these databases now has a list of usernames and passwords.

If you played on these servers with the same login (or any other server) please change your password now.
We don't want to forcefully change everyones password again but we will if we have to.

There were already several reports of accounts hacked and items stolen.
Please don't let this happen to you.
Posted at Sunday, 30 August - 19:53 by Administrator
Maintenance 2015-08-01
Today we removed the use of Ignition completely from PVP.
Please be aware that if you are using ignition, and you attack a player, your ignition will be gone.
Posted at Sunday, 02 August - 00:31 by Administrator
DCS Update and New Sever Location

New Server
Today we are going to start using the new server in a more convenient location in Europe.
This should give a better ping for most of the players.
Normally this new server should also solve a lot of lags and is much better protected against DDoS attacks.
Not that we really needed that last one, but its always a nice feature.

2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v2
128GB DDR3 1600
3x SSD 300GB
500Mbps bandwith (1gbps burst)


Downtime for the server move is expected to be somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. 



DCS Update
We have changed DCS up a little.
Before it was "possible" to come in the last 5 minutes and win the siege.
This is not possible anymore. 

The server will now keep track of how long you managed to defend your castle during that siege.
At the end of DCS the server will calculate all the defend times together and the guild that posessed the castle the longest during that siege will be the winner.
At the end of the siege a scoreboard will be displayed so that there will be no confusion to those that didn't read this message.
A nice added feature is that it keeps track of the kills and deaths aswell.
Those will however not count in the final result and are for informational purpose only (for now)
Maybe in the future we can make the server give points for time, kills and deaths but for now its just for time.

Example with random generated data:



Posted at Sunday, 05 July - 13:59 by Administrator
Show Me The Places!

Hello ! :)




I'd want to make the \" Show me the places \" event ( which is pretty simple xD )
You have to show us a place of your country that you like, and show us how it makes your country unique
Algarve has the most beautiful caves worldwide! 
It's a good place to make aquatic activities 
food :wub:
our country is unique because we got the best player worldwide :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
Unique places to visit
Random examples xD
Deadline: 20th to 1st of september
Reward : 5k of cash 
Posted by ĸeɴzlιee at Sunday, 30 August - 19:53
Wizatek Birthday Event
Tomorrow, 15th, its my birthday so i decided to give a little party.

Starting from now the following extra's apply until monday morning when i wake up.
Affinity Points x3
Exp x2
SP x2
Pet exp x3
P2 Pet exp x2
Faction Points x3
Cash from donation x2

These extra's are applied after all the other effects.
If you use all kinds of exp boosters to get x12 exp, you wil get 24x exp!

Posted by Administrator at Sunday, 02 August - 00:31



This event will consist of 5 GS's; the following GS's participating are:









This event will be in a PvP Zone! The event will consist of teams of 3 players working together to find the GS and escort them back to the 'safe' location. 

Once a GS is found - you will party them and protect them until they are back to the safe spot. 

If the GS gets pk'd they will return to their original spot, leave party and await for a team to find them again. 

The GS will only be allowed to walk

The GS will be wearing their glow to show they are apart of the event with their 'LastChaosGeneric Game Sage' title

You are only allowed 1 cleric in party (so choose wisely)

Clerics are allowed to heal the WHOLE party. 

The GS is NOT allowed to attack, use meds, or run. 

To re-iterate there will only be allowed 3 people to a party (Not including the GS) 

All GS's will be guildless for this event to make it fair.

No rc's, Premium Package teleport , or priest balls are allowed, or they are disqualified. 

The team have to run as a unit! 

TK's are NOT allowed to use Telekinesis as its a form of teleport. TK's are ONLY allowed to use Damage Link on the GS NOT the whole party. 


ADVISE: For those of you who have not done the Mondshine entry quest, YOU HAVE A WEEK to do it! 




Channel: 3

The map will be: Mondshine

The safe spot will be: Mondshine town

GS's will be hiding anywhere on this map but not in Chapel or dungeons. 



Date and Time

Friday 14th August  @ 18:00 (6pm) SERVER time



Please sign up by posting your 3 members of your party on this comment - state their character name and what class they are. 



1st Place (Per player)

5K Cash 

x1 5 days pro pots package (1 HP/MP Boost, 5 pro stat pots, 5 pro shields, 120 green pouches, 10 pro candles)

x3 V2 Rings Unidentified

x1 Town boss Box A + Jewel Pocket 14


2nd Place (Per player) 

3k Cash

x1 5 days pro pots package (5 pro stats, 5 pro shields, 120 green pouches, 10 pro candles) 

x2 V2 rings Unidentified 

x2 Jewel Pockets 14 


3rd Place (Per player)

1.5k Cash 

x1 2 days pro pots package (2 pro stat pots, 2 pro shields, 48 green pouches, 4 pro candle) 

x1 V2 ring Unidentified

x1 Jewel Pocket 14




Hope all of you can make it! Please do not troll or spam this post. 


Many thanks. 

Posted by Rain at Sunday, 05 July - 13:59
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Specialist Venatorum   26 SlasheR Ranger BamBamStyIe
MuhammadIbnAbdAll Ranger FivePoint   27 ImAnotherLeagueBaby Assassin 0utOfControl
FasoN Assassin FivePoint   28 Energiiz Specialist
4 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   29 RealOG ExAssassin
5 Bisu Assassin BamBamStyIe   30 Rapwnzel Assassin TayIorGang
6 Sneax ExAssassin   31 MostDope Assassin BamBamStyIe
7 x404 Assassin 0utOfControl   32 CirCuz NightShadow 0utOfControl
8 xBlackHawkx Assassin PacktDerWolfe   33 xlZbodywcaSielx Ranger xlBocaJuniorslx
9 xTyson Ranger 0utOfControl   34 Reyes Wizard Descendants
10 xPusha ExAssassin TayIorGang   35 xCompton NightShadow TayIorGang
11 Anero Ranger 0utOfControl   36 PsychosociaI NightShadow SuicideSquad
12 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PacktDerWolfe   37 Tadnfatafd NightShadow
13 Osgar Assassin   38 20MAY14 ExAssassin
14 Hoellenbraut ArchWizard PacktDerWolfe   39 SmoKya Assassin Arcadyans
15 Shelsea Archer Utopya   40 XDariusX Assassin Arcadyans
16 lAndromedal Assassin BamBamStyIe   41 SweetBarbieBoy Assassin YshelNaFly
17 JustBIaze ExAssassin SuicideSquad   42 Guille Ranger
18 SwanFyahbwoy NightShadow Arcadyans   43 xXKickasSXx Assassin Arcadyans
19 BlackBaerchen ExAssassin PacktDerWolfe   44 Baaah Wizard Descendants
20 xKorsakoff Assassin BamBamStyIe   45 HanShotFirst NightShadow 0utOfControl
21 Rockerita ExAssassin EvilKiisS   46 DobraSuka ArchWitch Descendants
22 PrettyMotherfcker Ranger PussyMoneyWeed   47 SmileYouAreDead Assassin Arcadyans
23 OupsTuViensDeMourir Assassin   48 xFKproBitches Assassin BamBamStyIe
24 CriXiuS Assassin LordPrettyFlacko   49 Screamx Assassin Delyrium
25 QueenBey Cleric 0utOfControl   50 NeDeXPwnagE Assassin BamBamStyIe

Next ranking update in 7 hours, 34 minutes and 37 seconds