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Saturday May 07 @ 20:00
Sunday May 08 @ 20:00
LCGenericName02 »
Played Kiss Lc ?

Ok here we are again...
If you played KISS LC and you use the same password there and here, change it ASAP

Thank you

Posted at Friday, 29 April - 06:12 by Administrator
Update 2016-04-22


This friday (April 22)it is time to release our new update.
The maintenance will take place at around 6pm GMT+1 (servertime)
In this update you will find the following things.

The Lost Pyramid raid
This is a new raid map that was completely designed by Zatii, so visual quality guaranteed!
Together with the hardest monsters you have never seen before, this will be the biggest challenge yet.
This raid will be for level 250 only, you might want to bring a tank and a healer.
Drops are 250 raid weapons, new wings and skillbooks.
A daily quest and a small affinity is also provided to add some extra reasons to get on the grind.
The teleporter to access the raid can be found in Aden town

Iris book
We have finally enabled the iris book. 
Theme 1 of the iris book will be available and designed by our gamesage Keefe.
For those that don't know what it is, the iris book is a item collection system.
You need to collect a certain amount of items, and you get the reward.
We had to modify this system a little to fit it to our needs.
Stronger Main Skills
We have made a copy of your main skill and added a stronger version of it.
But this skill is not for everyone. To learn this skill you will have to use the skillbook from the raid.
Luckily you will not lose this skillbook when you use it, so you can use it as many as you like.
You are free to buy/sell/trade the books, but once you use one, it will become untradable.
Warehouse Password
It was possible a long time ago, but its activated again, this time everything can be done ingame.
You can set a separate password to protect the contents of your warehouse.
Nobody can view your warehouse or withdraw/add items to it without your password.
If you lose the password you can reset it, ingame, using your security code.
This can be convenient if you need to leave for a longer time but don't want your items unprotected in your inventory.
Juno Town
Our Juno has a small makeover. 
It is still the same mostly, it was just time to move the Botus Beast somewhere outside town.
The terrain in the arena is flat now and some decorative changes give the whole town a new look and feel.
Again we thank Zatii for the work he has put into it!

Loot Wheel
On the website you will find a link to play on our lootwheel.
Inspired from the lootwheel on Aeria.
This lootwheel will make it possible for you to try your luck and receive the most valued items
I am trying to also make it available ingame.

Smaller things:

  • Job Change NPC will not learn skills you can't learn yet
  • Job Change NPC will remove all buffs from the current job before changing
  • Alt+Shift+Click on a item/skill/action will copy the name in the chat window, not really usefull yet
  • Alber towers fixed and level increased to 250
  • Botus beast can be found in the maze
  • New wings added to drop from the bosses in Aden


New Cash Items
2 new cash items are added that might be interesting for some people.

  • LCGN Max Rune
    This item is for the lazy, it will upgrade your weapon directly to +20 or your armor to +25
    You no longer have to put the Master Stones one by one.
    Ofcourse the normal way of upgrading will still be the cheapest option
  • Golden Phoenix Ticket
    Forgot to make your character a phoenix when you created it and always regret it?
    This item will allow you to change your character to phoenix at any level.
    A phoenix character has 200 more statpoints


If you have a old phoenix character that did not get 200 statpoints you can buy a reset statpoint item from the special items merchant.
When you use it, it will automatically add the extra phoenix statpoints.

This will be updated Friday 22-04 at around 18.00h

As always a big thanks to eveyone who worked with me to get this update finished.
Baaah for many of the ideas, but also everyone else who gave suggestions.
All the testers, Gamesages, Gamemasters.
Zatii for the work on the maps
I hope everyone will enjoy this new update

Posted at Thursday, 21 April - 02:43 by Administrator
Negative Pvp Point Reset Available

Due to popular demand it is now possible to reset your negative PVP points back to zero.
You can find the service on the website in your control panel.
It is only possible to use ingame gold for this feature.

Posted at Sunday, 17 April - 19:42 by Administrator
Guild Vs Guild Event

Guild VS Guild

How the event works :
We will create two guilds and everyone who signs up for the event will be randomly sorted into both of the guilds, this process will take place once the event sign up time is over and then they will start a guild war between each other on the date and time given below.
The winning guild in the guild battle will all receive a prize.

How to enter :
Write your character name below and which class you’re.

Location of event :
Outside Merac Town

Date & time :
May 7th at 6pm GMT+1

Rewards :

  • Title named “Hades Warriors” with the stats of : 20% Weapon Attack, 20% HP, 2250 Hitrate, 2000 Evasion & 20% Stone Resistance   \"06411-b1a0f8b9-40b5-4152-846c-1eec469c4e\"
  • 5 Super buffs
  • Town Box A

Rules :

  • Everyone must be in Merac
  • Only those in the same guild are allowed to party/help each other.
  • If you’ve been put in a guild with people who you don’t like, don’t go in a stroppy mood and attempt to help the other side, it’s all fun and games!
  • Going AFK after getting a couple of points isn't allowed and will result in disqualification.

Register your name and have fun when it comes!
( p.s. make sure you don't die as much as Shaala does :ph34r: :ph34r:)

Posted by ♥Baaah♥ at Friday, 29 April - 06:12
Music Event (To Pass The Time)

Hi guys! Sad day with our servers down :( BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRING!!!! am i right?

ofc im right >.>


Let's pass some time while we wait.... WITH SONG :D


Super simple to play....

I'm going to post a line from a song

Someone else has to post n tell me what it is(with video)

and then post their own song line to be guessed


Example : 


Voices come from down the hall

In my room all painted white
I have my bat and rubber ball
I like to sleep with them at night..



Answer : (By next poster ofc)

Artist/Song : Alice Cooper : Wind Up Toy


LINK : [media][/media]


The bass, the rock

The mic, the treble
I like my coffee black
Just like my metal


And so on... just keep going!


Note: This is to pass the server downtime more amicably, no prizes have been discussed

           Tho perhaps random post number prize could be worked in, IF there were lots of posts at least


Have fun guys! xo

Posted by xoCHARITYox at Thursday, 21 April - 02:43
Find The Differences Event
Heya Friends.
Here we are with a new event:
We're talking about a game that is really famous all over the world, is name is \"Find the differences\", that us we've obviously changed in LCGN02 mode!
So, for 7 days, i will propose a couple image of the world of LCGN02 every day.
[spoiler]\"06218-67382cb6-a7b5-454a-99ee-c8d850c072\" [/spoiler]
There will be two images side by side, apparently identical but with small or big  difference between them.                  
The players who partecipate, have to found all the differences between the normal one, then once founded its, they need to highlits the differences with a circle or a visible square where they think there is one.                                      
For each image, the player that found the difference in the shortest time possible will receive a prize, but at the deadline, There will be only 3 winners, that are the players who have found all the differences of each image everyday in the shortest time!
So, just keep movin and have some fun here!  ;)
3 winners each day
only one winner per screenshot (wait for bonus round)
Bonus round is for everyone to win again
write your in game name
Day 1,2,3,4,5,6 : 10 sb + 5 affinity boxes + tower box A + 2 v2 rings (closed)
Bonus day : 10 sb + 5 affinity boxes + tower box A + 3 v2 rings + 250 set of your choise (closed)

Original screenshots


Day 1 :

Day 2 :

Day 3 :

Day 4 :

Day 5 :

Day 6 :

Bonus day :




Find the differences (7)


Day 1 :

Day 2 :

Day 3 :

Day 4 :

Day 5 :

Day 6 :

Bonus day :


credit for the event : [GS]JanoskianS
Posted by GreekLover at Sunday, 17 April - 19:42
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Specialist Venatorum   26 Shelsea Archer NeverHate
Bisu Ranger BashTime   27 Tadnfatafd NightShadow PaktDerWoelfe
xSkyze Assassin   28 Katakimizuka Witch Venatorum
4 xKyra Ranger DcWs   29 JustBlaze ExAssassin HavanaClub
5 Screamx Assassin xBadAttitude   30 ShockS Assassin xEternalKillerSx
6 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   31 Darknessshadow Assassin
7 lAndromedal Assassin lBlackMoonl   32 IBadxInfluenceI NightShadow
8 xBlackHawkx Assassin All4One   33 Hoellenbraut ArchWizard IDarkWorld
9 x404 Assassin Avoidance   34 xKorsakoff Assassin Heiwanoshi
10 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3   35 zKenpachi ExAssassin xBadAttitude
11 Keev Assassin DopedUp   36 Domey Assassin
12 Aiirusx3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl   37 xXEllieXx Assassin AveFenix
13 lShaaLaDaBossl Assassin lDanGeRouSl   38 Raly Specialist AveFenix
14 Azazzelo ExAssassin All4One   39 StonedSloth Ranger HavanaClub
15 xUsher ExAssassin lDanGeRouSl   40 Flyer Assassin
16 xTyson Assassin   41 xNaniDaBoss Assassin lDanGeRouSl
17 xTwister ExAssassin SlaystatioN   42 Aczino ExAssassin Sudametrica
18 [GS]Baaah Wizard Descendants   43 NeDeXPwnagE Assassin BamBamStyIe
19 NeideRv3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl   44 BLACKSTAR Assassin Akatsukii
20 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PaktDerWoelfe   45 Fyxoon Assassin lDanGeRouSl
21 xlAyrtonlx Assassin lDanGeRouSl   46 xElectroShock Assassin xEternalKillerSx
22 Anero Assassin Descendants   47 CirCuz NightShadow Descendants
23 SakaR Assassin Venatorum   48 Rapwnzel Ranger All4One
24 Sanah Witch lDanGeRouSl   49 NewHorizons Assassin
25 IlNowYouSeeMeIl Assassin SickWayz   50 xBadKarma ExAssassin xEternalKillerSx

Next ranking update in 10 hours, 24 minutes and 29 seconds