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Saturday May 30 @ 20:00
Sunday May 31 @ 20:00
LCGenericName02 ยป
Maintenance 2015-05-11

Some small modifications


* Custom title changed from 1 day to 7 days (those who bought the 1 day have the cash refunded)

* Month of the Titan starter weapon attack fixed

* Error report issues solved

Posted at Monday, 11 May - 23:11 by Administrator
Maintenance 2015-05-09

Today we will patch another character balancing update.
AnXieTy and Baaah have been working hard to get this update done and all credit for this update goes to them, thank you guys!


Some more minor things that are updated as well
- Chaos balls can be opened now by double clicking them
- Custom Title system added, it might still be a little glitchy here and there, but we are working on it.
- Problems with Magic classes on boss monsters fixed
- You can buy more then 65535 items at once in a shop

- Tarian Prisons mobs will stay on the ground

- Raid zones/Instances will get released, so they won't be full anymore.

- Rogue dead motion will not bug your character
- Month of the Titan \"event\" started

- Souls got fixed


Those are the changes we applied to PVP:


~Deadline reduced 5% 
~Invisibility cool down 5 seconds
~Mind Training from 35 to 30
~Mind Training from 35 to 30
Ex Rogue
~Contract reduced to 20% and 3 seconds cd
~Deadline reduce 10% 
~Invisibility cool down 5 seconds
~Mind Training from 35 to 30
Ex Ranger
~Mind Training from 35 to 30
~Arrow Storm increased 10%
~Focus added
~HP Passive added
~Spirits damage increased
~Summon of ancient weapon made critical
~Water spirit 5 second cooldown on skill
~1 second cooldown on all other spirits 
~15% physical reduce passive
~Meteo increased 5%
~Lightning shock made deadly
~Uppercut increased 20%
~HP Passive increase
~Magic resistance - 20% added to skill
~Defend passive reduced
~Trick swing made critical
~Magic resistance - 20% added to skill
~HP Passive increase
~Defend passive reduced
~Smog increased 20%
~Decay increased to 40%
~HP passive added
~Chaos Nova made critical
Arch Witch
~Smog increased 20%
~HP passive added
Arch Wizard
~Golden Chaos Nova Beam made critical
Royal knight 
~Two hand pierce made critical (main skill now)
~New passive - magic resistance 25%
~3 second delay added to dash
~Defend passive reduced
Temple Knight 
~New passive - magic resistance 15%
~2 second delay added to Judgement
~Deadly light made critical (main skill now)
~Cure of blood halfed
~Para made critical
All classes should now be able to kill each other, further chances can be added after if they are needed.
Posted at Saturday, 09 May - 14:12 by Administrator
Online Time Cash [FIXED]

Hello players!


Just wanted to announce that the problem with Online Time Cash that occurred in the last days should have been fixed :)




Posted at Saturday, 18 April - 15:22 by AnXieTy
Month of the Titan

Today i want to introduce a new \"event\"

Over the course of the next 6 months we will be promoting the creation of new characters and specially the \"forgotten classes\"

The last balancing update made them worth playing, but are you looking forward to leveling a new one? i thought so!


From today (2015-05-09) until June 9 you will gain additional benefit on creating a new titan

- Start level 165

- Start Equipment 165+25 armor and 165+20 weapon



Posted by Administrator at Monday, 11 May - 23:11
Draw Event

                                                            Hello dear community     




We want to make a new event, a  DRAWING ONE .


You'll have to use your creativity to draw one or two staff members. You'll have to draw a situation involving them or perhaps how you imagine them playing LC. 


Example : \"05303-9cd09f42-0272-4358-be21-54d652a6b5\"


(Here you can see Ninja Dutchy about to attak a cute panda pet   :( So mean to be honest  :ph34r: )


- This event is for recreational purposes only, so flame or drawing with the purpose of hurting other is obviously not allowed. 

- As I said above, you can draw either one or two staff members, but not more than two. You can post multiple times, placing more then two draws, but only to show your drawing skills or a funny situation. (In this case you will have to specify which one of your draws has to be considered for the event, and which dont)

- You can't use digital editing of any form. Everything has to be hand-drawn, with pen and paper. 

- You can use colors to make it beautiful etc. 

- To prevent flames, if you break the first rule, the staff will perma ban you on the forum, and for 1 week your main account in game.

If you aren't sure of the content of your draw; for example, unsure if it can be considered as flame or not, you can PM a GM or the HGS to be sure.



NOTE: Drawing about Antisocial wont be allowed, as she doesnt wanna take part in the event. So please avoid to do them in any form.


There will be 3 winners :


1rst place will win 1 coral 15 + 100 Chaos Balls + 10 Superbuffs

2nd place will have 1  coral 15 + 5 Superbuffs 

3rd place will have 1 coral 14 + 5 Superbuffs

Posted by AnXieTy at Saturday, 09 May - 14:12
Music Trivia Quizz

Music Trivia


The idea is to guess the artist and title of a particular song


First verse is posted then player guesses the title and posts a link to the


song, then puts their own first verse for the next player


Very simple



So if I was first I would post my verse



I was nothing but a lonely boy
Looking out for something new
And you were nothing but a lonely girl
But you were something
Something like a dream come true


The next person to post would need to guess who and what


post a link



Then post their own lyrics


Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings.
The six o'clock alarm would never ring.
But it rings and I rise,
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes.
My shavin' razor's cold and it stings..


And so on. Lets see what sort of music everyone enjoys, remember this is for fun, so please no flaming, please don't post the same song more than once, lets have lots of different artists, songs and styles of music


Please remember this game is PG13, so no rude or inappropriate lyrics, they will be removed


+++NOTE+++ Each correct guess/link will award you 1 random level 7 gem. You can win more than once, but you can NOT post after yourself to guess your own lyrics

Posted by HeHeItsMe at Saturday, 18 April - 15:22
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Bisu Assassin LCGN02Staff2013   26 okey Assassin
NeedADoctor ExAssassin Whitered   27 Baaah Witch Smileys
xBlackHawkx Assassin PacktDerWolfe   28 Mokatte Assassin VenatoresPL
4 Ericsson Assassin FromHeII   29 xPsychoNoobx Assassin xPlayAndWin
5 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PacktDerWolfe   30 Energetixxx Assassin OldSchoolHipHop
6 Hoellenbraut ArchWizard PacktDerWolfe   31 IMachine Assassin FromHeII
7 Trygonus Specialist VenatoresPL   32 xShady Assassin xOneManArmy
8 lASAPlRocky ExAssassin LongLiveASAP   33 Mykado Assassin OrdreAssassin
9 [GS]Osgar Assassin Smileys   34 xCcRx ExRanger xPlayAndWin
10 BlackBaerchen ExAssassin PacktDerWolfe   35 Estheer Assassin FireBull
11 Anero Assassin Smileys   36 BaquaN Assassin Whitered
12 xSTONExISLANDx Assassin Smileys   37 KingTheKilla Assassin DieTotKnuddler
13 ZendayA Archer   38 BLACKSTAR Assassin Betrayal
14 XDariusX Assassin BOSSBUSINESS   39 xViDaLoca NightShadow NoRulesBxtch
15 SweetBarbieBoy Assassin FromHeII   40 SmoKya Assassin BOSSBUSINESS
16 xMirrors ExAssassin HiBabeWeAreHere   41 FringE Assassin NobodyCares
17 YAAY ExAssassin StonedAgain   42 xAkyRa Assassin
18 SmileYouAreDead Assassin BOSSBUSINESS   43 Ledi Assassin PacktDerWolfe
19 Aerina ArchWitch LordOfTheRings   44 SunnyDay Archer Rehab
20 MateoDisaster Witch Smileys   45 TheTricksterzZ Assassin
21 Shelsea Archer Utopya   46 xCrimsonTide NightShadow GlobalDedication
22 20MAY14 ExAssassin FromHeII   47 Razoriyo Assassin MirDochEgal
23 xSoWTF Assassin xPlayAndWin   48 Errec NightShadow Smileys
24 RaeSremmurd Specialist FromHeII   49 Bonney NightShadow
25 JustBlaze Assassin HavanaClub   50 Aerandir NightShadow LordOfTheRings

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