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Maintenance 2015-01-24

This will fix a few issues that we were facing. 


- Masterstone, Will not cause your items to get bound to your character anymore. 
If this happened to you, please send a ticket so we can remove the restrictions from your item.
- Random Elemental Scrolls
The scrolls will no longer change your element level to level 1
They will now keep the level and only change the element
- Affinity Points
This is now really fixed and tested, you don't have to worry about not getting all points anymore. 
So feel free too contribute all your items at once.
- Chaos Ball rewards back to before
- Compass of Artifact added in itemmall
Compass of artifact will show the person having the artifact on the map
- Lust Trum monsters have moved back in
Maintenance 2015-01-21

Today's maintenance will be to update the following things.
New Features:
- Sealed Soul item
This item is only for nightshadows. It is a soul like you can get from killing, but in a item.
You can bring this everywhere to fill up your souls bar within seconds.

- Premium Character
This function will give your character all sorts of little extra's for a month.

- Totem system
You can now use a totem item to summon a totem that will attack for you, heal you or buff you.
Its a little bit like souls, but better. There is a variety of totems doing different things.

Totems can be killed by your opponent.

- New Guild Skills and improvement of the UI
A complete set of new guild skills is available. To learn the guild skills you need to have a skill book.
This skillbook is available in the daily quest ball exchange.

- Daily Quest Ball exchange
You can access this feature from Estella, there you can exchange your quest balls for certain items.
Some items really worth questing for! Items inside can be changed at any time.

- Artifact Hunter pvp event
This is fighting over a item that gives tremendous bloodseals that affect yourself and your entire party.
This item will litterally give you wings! but there is a catch, only 1 person can have this item at a time.
If you get killed, this item will be dropped and the person killed you might pick it up.
The artifact can be combined from the npc to a better artifact, better bloodseals and bigger wings.

- PVP Protection shield
This item will protect you from pkers for 1 hour. This doesn't work everywhere. Arena, castle siege, cube, alber, rumble.

- Random Element item
Using this item will change the attack or defense element of the targetted monster or player for a certain period of time.
The elemental level will be lowered to 1

- Attendance Insurance
This item will make sure you don't lose your attendance for a period of 10 days.
So you can finally plan that vacation to the sun you have been dreaming about without worrying about your attendance.

- Iris Book of Item Collection
This feature is added, but made empty to serve a purpose later on.
- Lots of smaller things that i might forgot to mention
Changed Features:
- Merchant Mode
As suggested on the forum, your personal shop is now upgraded to double the capacity.
Instead of 10 items you can now sell 20 items at once.
This is a custom LCGenericName02 feature.

- 10 second logout
The annoying 10 second logout is now lowered to 3 seconds.

- Friendlist increase
Your friendlist is now increased from 50 to 150 contacts.

- Dratan Castle Siege
The siege area is a little bit changed. There are now 3 entrances instead of 1.
Also certain buffs will be given during the event.

- Tomb Auto management mode
If the owner of dratan castle fails to set the tomb, it will go into automanagement mode.
This means that the server will set the tomb automatic.
During this time the dratan caslte owner will not receive income from having the castle.

- Guild Battle custom upgrade
We have worked to resurrect the guild battle system.

You can now bet a maximum of 1b gold.
All guild battles are logged in the database and shown on the website.
For each won battle your guild will receive 1 point, for each lost battle you lose 1 point.
The 3 guilds with the highest amount of points will automatically be rewarded with a
gold, silver or bronze guild frame around their guildname. 05115-393a2904-b35b-4c90-bdd0-7b0e400a95
This is a custom LCGenericName02 feature.

- Faction Icon
Your faction icon will now be displayed on every map (except Dratan and Merac to avoid confusion during siege)
You can now also see the faction icon of others, even if they are not in the same faction.

- B10 Accesoires
By a programmatical limitation it was not possible before to show all 10 bloodseals on a item.
We have no rewired the whole bloodseal showing system and it will now show all 10 bloodseals.
This will make sure there is no more scamming with "hidden hitrate" or "hidden evasion" and when you buy it its not really there.
It might be a dissapointment for those thinking to have a B10 while it actually is a B9 or 8

- Multiclient
Multiclient is now enabled by default. You don't need to make a special shortcut or run a program.
You can start lastchaos as many times your system allows by just starting the launcher.
Those that don't want to use the launcher can start Nksp.exe directly without any parameters.

- Buff Limit Increased
You can now use double the amount of buffs/potions

- Affinity Points problem
We had a mathematical problem with the affinity points giving less points then should.
This is now completely resolved and you can add all your points at once like it should.

- Staff Namecolors
Like some LCGN veterans might seen before on LCGN01, the staff can now be seen easy by their name color ingame.
This is completely automatic now and can not be faked.
If you see someone acting like staff, without having the name color, report him/her directly.

- Automatic Faction Reset
Faction jewel points will now be automatically reset every 2 weeks.
- Bugfixes
A ton of bugfixes to the server and client.

As you can see its now possible to realise some of the strangest features, so please keep posting the suggestions, the weirder the better!

I want to thank all the testers for working closely with me to get this patch as awesome as it is! Thanks guys/girls!!

missing msvcp100.dll
We have a lot of new players registering and also a lot of old players coming back to play on LCGenericName02.
We see a few tickets and forum threads about the missing msvcp100.dll

To get this dll file you need to install the miscrosoft 2010 redistributal package. 
There are two versions of this, the 32 bit version and the 64 bit version

If you are not sure which one you need, take the 64 bit one.
If its not the right one it will mention on installing.
Christmas Costumes Added

A costume set created by our own Head GM Dutchy is added and can be purchased from [LCGN]Santa.

Fortune buffs are enabled on these costumes!

Christmas Special

The whole month of december you get 50% bonus cash on top of the original cash. 

Event Time : 2014-12-02 - 15:30 / 2015-01-01 - 00:00



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