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Saturday July 02 @ 20:00
Sunday July 03 @ 20:00
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Maintenance 2016-06-12

I finally find out the problem that was causing the fellowships to get bugged.
It was related with the guild stash size increase.

- Fellowship problem fixed
- Guildstash problem fixed
- Reset raid without leaving party i changed some things but didn't test it yet.
- Respawn time of Norg Brothers lowered from 6 to 3 minutes.

Posted at Sunday, 12 June - 04:46 by Administrator
Lcgn02 On Facebook

Alright, we've heard you players, and we don't deny our advertising is down

As well as re-enabling the voting,we have decided to make our facebook page more active again

Here is the link to the page

and here is the link to the community page

Go ahead! Add it up! Stalk it! and watch for upcoming events we have planned


NOTE: Pms will not be accepted or replied to

any game issues you may have we ask you to use the ticket system found on home page

xo Happy Gaming Everyone ox

Posted at Monday, 30 May - 00:10 by xoCHARITYox
Update 2016-05-29
This update was made to improve the overall speed of LCGN. Now it will no longer take you weeks to gather everything.
  • Affinities
    • Cube affinity removed for the requirements of the title
    • Black Fog and Sin Killers affinity increased affinity points (x4)
    • Cube, LCGN, Sio and Randol Knight 100k removed from the Affinity Box
  • Leveling
    • Aden monsters damage lowered
    • Start level for new characters increased to 165
    • New starter title that is worth having
    • Tomb of Theo has been changed into a 165-200 area
    • Level 200-220 made a lot easier
  • Equipment gathering
    • Increased the rate to get blue on 250 equipment
    • Increased the droprate of Aden crafting materials
    • Lowered the requirements for 210 armor crafting
  • Accessories
    • Increased the rate to get good Generic Ring seals
  • Skillbook
    • Skillbook box is dropped in a higher rate
    • Skillbook box will have a higher chance for books
    • You can exchange 40 piles of trash for 1 skillbook at Estella
  • Potions
    • The price of the most common PVP potions have been decreased
    • The most common PVP potions will also drop in Lost Pyramid
  • Other things
    • PVP Points are set invisible for other players by default
    • Voting is back!
    • Lowered the amount of channels to 3
    • Medicine delay fixed
    • Elemental bosses / Ramslo respawn time reduced
    • PBI in the newbie package fixed and newbie package improved
    • Chapel fixed
    • New effect for +20 weapon added
    • 165 Jump potions added for the old level 100 chars
    • Warehouse storage increased to 500 items (1000 with extension)
    • Guild stash increased from 25 to 250 slots
Posted at Sunday, 29 May - 22:29 by Administrator
Photoshop Event.



It's been a while since my last Forum Event, so it's time to catch up and do something about it   :P


Here i am presenting you the Photoshop Event  !:3


How it works :

1) You can select a picture you like and add an emoji , in order to give a different meaning to it.

2) You can use a filter in order to make yourself funny




Let me make you an example : 



 \"0641c-96ee5fa6-d4f8-4868-a32a-a2f8535a07\" ----> \"0641c-987c6298-4d29-4fae-95cb-25755261df\"


2) \"0641c-67af3ad0-337f-40c2-a1ff-9969a41ea0\"





No multiple posts or multiple accounts making in order to post more than once.

Add your in game name (otherwise the post wont be counted).



There will be 3 winners. [ they will be chosen by GMs/ admin ]

Prizes will be: First place = 3k cash + 5 Lost Pyramid Skill Box + Town Boss Box A
                      Second place = 2k cash + 3 Lost Pyramid Skill Box + Town Boss Box A
                      Third place =  1k cash + 2 Lost Pyramid Skill Box + Town Boss Box A
Everyone else who join the event will still receive a Town Boss Box A
Posted by AnXieTy at Sunday, 12 June - 04:46
Little Merchant Event

Hi everyone!


I will host a little merchant event tomorrow, Sunday 08 at 6 pm gmt time on ch4 Merac town.


I will just place in the shop 250 set parts closed, for the price of 8b each. (For any class)


Come along if you are interested.


It will last 30-40 mins.

Posted by AnXieTy at Monday, 30 May - 00:10
Guild Vs Guild Event

Guild VS Guild

How the event works :
We will create two guilds and everyone who signs up for the event will be randomly sorted into both of the guilds, this process will take place once the event sign up time is over and then they will start a guild war between each other on the date and time given below.
The winning guild in the guild battle will all receive a prize.

How to enter :
Write your character name below and which class you’re.

Location of event :
Outside Merac Town

Date & time :
May 7th at 6pm GMT+1

Rewards :

  • Title named “Hades Warriors” with the stats of : 20% Weapon Attack, 20% HP, 2250 Hitrate, 2000 Evasion & 20% Stone Resistance   \"06411-b1a0f8b9-40b5-4152-846c-1eec469c4e\"
  • 5 Super buffs
  • Town Box A

Rules :

  • Everyone must be in Merac
  • Only those in the same guild are allowed to party/help each other.
  • If you’ve been put in a guild with people who you don’t like, don’t go in a stroppy mood and attempt to help the other side, it’s all fun and games!
  • Going AFK after getting a couple of points isn't allowed and will result in disqualification.

Register your name and have fun when it comes!
( p.s. make sure you don't die as much as Shaala does :ph34r: :ph34r:)

Posted by ♥Baaah♥ at Sunday, 29 May - 22:29
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Specialist Venatorum   26 xlAyrtonlx Assassin xTreaCherouSx
Bisu Ranger Descendants   27 zKenpachi ExAssassin xBadAttitude
xSkyze Assassin   28 JayJoe Assassin
4 xKyra Ranger DcWs   29 IlNowYouSeeMeIl Assassin SickWayz
5 Screamx Assassin Delyrium   30 ShockS Assassin Heiwanoshi
6 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   31 CzarnaMamba Witch Avoidance
7 lAndromedal Ranger lBlackMoonl   32 Shelsea Archer Heiwanoshi
8 xBlackHawkx Assassin PaktDerWoelfe   33 JustBlaze ExAssassin HavanaClub
9 x404 Assassin   34 Domey Assassin HavanaClub
10 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3   35 xPr1nz1p Wizard Bambino
11 Baaah Witch Descendants   36 IBadxInfluenceI NightShadow AveFenix
12 Aiirusx3 Assassin Descendants   37 NounourS Specialist AveFenix
13 lShaaLaDaBossl Assassin Avoidance   38 Hoellenbraut ArchWizard IDarkWorld
14 xXKickasSXx Assassin AveFenix   39 xKorsakoff Assassin xEternalKillerSx
15 Nasenbrecher Ranger   40 Galianoo Assassin AveFenix
16 Azazzelo ExAssassin Zodiac   41 StonedSloth Ranger HavanaClub
17 xBastoS ExAssassin   42 Flyer Assassin
18 xTwister ExAssassin SlaystatioN   43 xNaniDaBoss Assassin lDanGeRouSl
19 NeideRv3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl   44 Aczino ExAssassin AveFenix
20 SakaR Ranger Venatorum   45 NeDeXPwnagE Assassin BamBamStyIe
21 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PaktDerWoelfe   46 xElectroShock Assassin
22 Davina Witch Avoidance   47 BBLastChaosFromFyxon Assassin ImProYouSuckMe
23 Tadnfatafd NightShadow   48 CirCuz NightShadow Descendants
24 Anero Assassin Descendants   49 xToKiooOoIsKingHere Witch Descendants
25 BLACKBEAUTY Assassin Avoidance   50 xNickiMinaj Wizard PaktDerWoelfe

Next ranking update in 5 hours, 30 minutes and 4 seconds