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Saturday July 20 @ 20:00
Sunday July 21 @ 18:00
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Pvp Damage Changes

Patchlog 2019-06-17: 

NightShadow damage increased.
Wizard damage decreased



Patchlog 2019-06-18:
NightShadow increased damage lowered a little

Posted at Tuesday, 18 June - 19:11 by Administrator
Update: Capture The Flag & Last Man Standing Pvp & More!

I know it has been a long time. 
Today i want to bring you a update with a main focus on PVP.
This update will not bring you more work, it will bring you more daily fun.

Capture The Flag

This event returns but remade into a different kind of event.
Before it was always possible to register for this event and play it with your party.
I want to step away a little from things that are always available because it will spoil the fun quicly.
Capture The Flag will run on Monday and Wednesday at 19.00h server time (this time can change if needed)
You can register your guild for this battle, and when the battle starts all registered guilds compete at once.
This means there can be 4 guilds working together to beat another 4 guilds.

Last Man Standing
This is also a event that runs only on Tuesday and Thursday at 19.00h server time.
You register for this event on your own.
When it nearly starts you will receive a teleport to the map and you will get 10 minutes to buff up and get ready.
When the countdown starts you will be teleported to the main battle area, everyone at a random position in the (new) map.
When you die you will be teleported out, the last one that remains will receive the reward.

Participation Points
To make it more interesting to play the daily PVP events i have added the system with participation points.
Every 5 minutes of active participating in a PVP event you will receive 1 point.
The points can be exchanged for nice PVP items at the Participation Point Exchange NPC in Juno.
These points will be obtained in the following events:
Monday : Capture The Flag
Tuesday : Last Man Standing
Wednesday : Capture The Flag
Thursday : Last Man Standing
Friday : Faction Battle
Saturday : Merac Castle Siege
Sunday : Dratan Castle Siege

Weekly Quests
To expand our quest system a little and to make sure once again that you have something else to do every day
i created the weekly quests.
Every day of the week you can do a different quest and it will give a item reward based on that day.
If you collect all 7 items from all days you can open a reward box that will give a nice buff that will last for 10 days.

Inventory Space
I have increased the inventory space with lots more spaces and added a 5th cash bag.


Skillbar added
Another skillbar was added to the client


Monster Ring

This is part of the weekly quests (for now)
You can go there and click the NPC to summon the boss.
The boss will appear and you get exactly 5 minutes to kill the boss.
If you can't kill him within the 5 minutes he will disappear again.
I have ideas to expand this with different bosses, different times and different rewards,
but first i want to see if its fun enough.



These are the things that have been added.
If there is anything not working like intended or maybe needs to change please let it be known.


Posted at Tuesday, 28 May - 16:50 by Administrator
Bad News.. Rollback 3 Days
Dear players,

To my regret i have to announce a item rollback of 3 days.
There seemed to have been a issue with one of the warehouse database tables.
This caused the warehouse of players with a userid ending with 9 to not be saved.
Which also meant that people could take out items, relog, and have the items still in the warehouse to take again.

It is a joy to see that not many people took advantage of this, yet there are still a few that did.
And those few did not hold back on it.

Sadly upon review i noticed that the items that have been duped are too wide spread in those 3 days.
It also affected the gold prices on the market, specially for those that spend their real money on this game.

The only thing i can do to solve this issue is to roll back to before it started, which is 2019-04-29 02:11:01.
I will only roll back inventory items/gold/cash. Equipment you were wearing will stay the same, EXP/Level will stay.

I understand that i can not expect to much sympathy for this decision but please understand it is the only way to fix this problem.
I will be talking with the staff to work out a good compensation.
Posted at Thursday, 02 May - 12:11 by Administrator
Easter Egg Hunt 2019


    Egg Hunt (Item Search & Collect / Redeem)

Sadly, im away this year, so ive gotten some helpers this time!

The people to watch for are :







Note: Grommit is away until Monday (04/22) She will do the last rounds of this event




We (GS & my helpers)will drop multiple items to represent 'eggs' randomly on  maps 

They will tell you which map to hunt as they go along each day(any channel, so yes they can choose a pvp channel)

Note: SunKeeper cant echo by himself, he will use world chat and/or pink & blue papers

You only have a few minutes before the items vanish to the LC Gods so you have to hurry!

This event will be done until Easter Sunday (April 21st,19(see note above re:Grommit))

Redemptions will be done by me between 04/22 and 04/26 so have your lists ready!

Any pouches left unredeemed WILL be deleted by [HGM]AnXieTy on 04/27!

The more eggs you find the bigger rewards you can redeem for!

Note : Redemption list below picture

NOTE: This is your item(egg) to hunt,some of you may remember it : 

                  Lucky Pouch[Event Item]



Heres The Redemption List and abit more information :

1 item Pro Candle

2 items 1 Generic Moonstone
5 items One set of pro pots
5 items 250 pumpkin candy 
15 items 50 Green lucky pouch
15 items  50 Damage Reduction Potion
20 items 25 superbuffs
45 items 25 Affinity Box
50 items 100b gold
70 items 2.5k cash
75 items Premium Character Pkg
100 items 15x 1m faction points OR 7day buff lock (your choice)
200 items certificate of Aidia(for gear crafting)
250 items 25 purple element crystals + 50 chaos jewel skill boxes
275 items 50 divine stones + 1 ethereal bp of choice
300+ items your choice of : Halloween Wings(any class) / Candy Cane Pet Crystal / Conqueror of Idoranja Title (from CTF) / 1 GM Mystery Pet (lvl 100)
Note : The top THREE gatherers will be awarded the chocoholic title simply for working so hard! (and they can still redeem for prizes!)
You can split them up and redeem for more than 1 choice (exception: we will not allow too many generic moonstones,they are more for overflow(extra)pouches after a larger redemption choice.
Example : we will not allow 50 pouches to be redeemed for 25 stones))
Each person who redeems will receive 5 H&S cards as well as a bonus for participating
Note : You can buy, sell and trade this item until redemption day, then we delete all extras from inventories!
Happy Gathering and Good Luck!
xo Jeze
Posted by JezeBelle at Tuesday, 18 June - 19:11
Mini-event While The Server Is Off.

Ill give 3 H&S Cards to the first one that responds correctly,
PS: Edited post dont count.

First Q: Where is located the NPC \"Grocer Wein\" ?


Posted by ShaaLa♥ at Tuesday, 28 May - 16:50
Santa Stopped Where?!

Hey Everyone!

Here Comes Another Christmas Event!

Let's all play...





Wth is this you Grinchy types may ask?

This is a twist on an old event -> Guess the Place! (credits to TilDeath for the revamp)


What you need to know..

With abit of help from My GS,(after forcing them into a Santa Suit CUZ I CAN) we have gathered up some screenshots of different places ingame

But then i cut em all into bits and mixed em up like a 9square puzzle!

-insert evil elf giggle-


We are gonna post a puzzle a day until just after Christmas

The more you get right, the better your prizes!

But.. would I realllllly make it so easy to just, copy what someone else posts to win?


-more evil elf giggles-


So here's how to play!

Every morning, a mixed up screen will be posted

You must figure it out

You will have until server reset each day to do so

Once you think you know the place










Each day after reset all winners names will be posted here by me so you  know how you're doing!

We'll do this for 10 days

If you do well, you get o.O a candy cane pony!..and some other stuff

yup! its a pony, colored candy cane ^-^


Here's our Prize Legend:

 1 Correct: 15 Purple Element Crystals + 10 Christmas Garland + 1x 100 Cash Ticket                    

 2 Correct: 15 Divine Stones + 15 Purple Element Crystals  + 10 Christmas Garland + 1x 100 Cash Ticket        

 3 Correct: 15 Middle Grade Reformers + 15 Divine Stones + 15 Purple Element Crystals + 10 Christmas Garland + 2x 100 Cash Ticket + 1x 50 Cash Ticket

 4 Correct:      10 Illiad Charm III + 50 lvl 10 gems(iris book) + 50 Christmas Garland + 2x 100 Cash Ticket + 1x 50 Cash Ticket  + all listed in prize 3                                 

 5 Correct:      10 Illiad Charm III + 50 lvl 10 gems(iris book) + 50 Christmas Garland+ 2x 100 Cash Ticket + 1x 50 Cash Ticket                                   

 6 Correct:       10 Illiad Charm III + 100 lvl 10 gems(iris book) + 50 Christmas Garland + 1x 500 Cash Ticket                                   

 7 Correct:      1 Premium Character Package + 250 lvl 10 gems(iris book) + 1000 Coins of Master  + 100 Christmas Garland + 2x 500 Cash Ticket  + all listed in prizes 3 and 6                                

 8 Correct:      1 Candy Cane Pony(lvl 1) + 1000 Coins of Master + 500 Coin of Elite + 100 Christmas Garland + 500 Cash Ticket                                  

 9 Correct:      1 Candy Cane Horse(lvl 50) 1000 Coins of Master + 500 Coin of Elite + 100 Christmas Garland + 2x 500 Cash Ticket                                

10 Correct:     1 Candy Cane Mount(lvl 100) + 15Christmas Garland + EVERYTHING Below(prizes 1-9) + 2x 1000 Cash Ticket + 1x 500 Cash Ticket    


Pony Peeks : 


Good Luck Everyone!



Posted by JezeBelle at Thursday, 02 May - 12:11
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Elementalist Venatorum   26 xStarDoN Wizard Arcadia
Tripex Specialist Menavix   27 [GS]ShaaLa Archer lDanGeRouSl
TeAmoCarolina ExAssassin lDanGeRouSl   28 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3
4 DeepJungleWalk Wizard GenneiRyodan   29 SpaceWalkerZz ExAssassin Trolling
5 lToKiooooooOl Witch xBadAttitude   30 KendalI Wizard
6 PorcheBtch Cleric xBadAttitude   31 Darell Witch xLeGioNdeHoN0Rx
7 Mierea Wizard lDanGeRouSl   32 Tofux18 Witch GenneiRyodan
8 DooMsday NightShadow Trolling   33 xCouldntDefendIt Wizard 0nlyUsGirls
9 NoWhereToBeSeen Wizard PeasantRepellent   34 InSpIRaTioN ExAssassin Shinsengumi
10 WillieStroker NightShadow SerialKillers   35 Aiirusx3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl
11 Shichiro Assassin lDanGeRouSl   36 xTwister ExAssassin SlayNatioN
12 Velox ExAssassin Heresy   37 Maleficus Witch lDanGeRouSl
13 DamnTrusty Wizard   38 Domey Assassin Heresy
14 JustBlaze Assassin Heresy   39 ShaL Highlander
15 ShaaLa Assassin lDanGeRouSl   40 o1o1o1o Royal Knight lDanGeRouSl
16 Szelma123 ExAssassin   41 SnoooopyDooogz Wizard xPlayAndWin
17 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   42 xOrphee ExAssassin NoCommentBtch
18 xBlackHawkx Assassin lSwearSheWas18   43 Minikeya Cleric lDanGeRouSl
19 lAndromedal Assassin lBlackMoonl   44 Siqu Assassin Venatorum
20 AmazingShindov Wizard xBadAttitude   45 BLACKSTAR Assassin xPlayAndWin
21 xAlicia Specialist   46 Nastyy NightShadow Heresy
22 Baaah Wizard Descendants   47 xSteveN NightShadow GenneiRyodan
23 xPabloEscobar NightShadow Trolling   48 Anero Assassin HavanaClub
24 xTouchMyTralala Wizard lDanGeRouSl   49 BLACKBAER ExAssassin
25 Tinarux Witch   50 BLACSTARS Assassin

Next ranking update in 11 hours, 32 minutes and 15 seconds