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Saturday February 29 @ 11:00
Sunday March 01 @ 20:00
LCGenericName02 »
Usa Channel Temporary Closed

Sadly i had no other choice but to close this channel for now.
More than once a day we receive tickets from players losing items after playing on channel 5.
I suspect that the reason is because while Ch5 is in or near USA, the database is in Europe.
And it might not be possible to get a reliable connection.
Any lost packet can have big consequences for the player.
So until i found a solution for this problem it will be better to keep the channel closed.

Posted at Monday, 24 February - 06:16 by Administrator
Patchlog : 2020-02-18

The following things changed.

- P1 Pets technicalpoints fixed, you need to reset the skills.
- Exranger skillspeed on Arrow Storm II increased
- 2k Resolution added for those that need it
- NS main skill returned to AOE (May still need some damage balancing)
- Invincible buff for Holy Trial disabled
- Arena made smaller, (Other juno loaded)
- Chaos Jewel Lv1 in Jewel Shop
- Monster Ring enabled in all channels
- Server select screen changed to show the ping
- Ingame in system options you can see your fps and ping
- Ranking ingame changed, Monthly PVP ranking is now per class, rewards only for each Top 1

- Channel 5 (pvp) added, hosted in a country near USA.

Because channel 5 connects with the database in europe, it can take a little longer to login to it. 
Players from the american continent should be able to play this channel more smooth than the previous channels.


Posted at Tuesday, 18 February - 21:22 by Administrator
Updates : 2020-02-01

Today i want to add a few fixes to problems that have been reported.
As well as a few suggestions that have been realized.

- Sorcerer can now ride mounts while being transformed
- Price of the Rare Wing Box in MonsterRing is reduced a lot
- Auto ignition system added (Can be found in the Auto Pick window)
- Function to disable the general Iris Book drops (Can also be found in the Auto Pick window)
- Jewel created that increases PVE damage
- Aden quests can be done above level 250, but won't give exp after 250
- Buggy spot near the PVP arena fixed
- P1 Pets that get created at level 37 and new characters now have the correct Technical Points (i will fix existing pets)
- Quest : Venturing into the cave in Kyripton has rewards added to them
- Birthday titles have a small glow added to them
- Holy Trial 3vs3 changed to 2vs2 to make it easier to find people
- MCS and DCS target improvements, you don't need PKMode anymore to hit other attackers
- Blind skill effect moved to the Effects file that can't be deleted.
- Improvements to the Anti Cheat

Other things are still in the pipe line but some things are too important to wait for the other things.

Posted at Saturday, 01 February - 01:07 by Administrator
Trailer / Promotional Video Event

Good afternoon.

Today i want to announce this event. 
We would like to have a nice promotion video / trailer to show on the website. 
And who better to ask this than the players who play LCGenericName02.

What we are looking for is a 2~3 minute video showing the best features of our server.
When someone watches the video he should to drop everything he is doing and join LCGenericName02 instantly.

The winner will get his video uploaded on the website. 
But that is ofcourse not the reward.

Everyone who makes a serious attempt to join the event will be rewarded with cash!

We will select the best 3 to receive the real reward.

These are the rewards : 
First place : €100 PaySafeCard or Mint Card
Second place : €50 PaySafeCard or Mint Card

Third Place : €25 PaySafeCard or Mint Card



End date : Sunday, 3rd of March 2020.

Please confirm you are joining the event, so i know if anyone is actually going to do it.

Posted by Administrator at Monday, 24 February - 06:16
Server Back Online

Today the server has been online due to a broken motherboard.
Around 16.00h server time the motherboard has been replaced and everything it running back like it should. 
As a small compensation for having to deal with real life a few hours i enabled the following 3 events. 

- Double Pet EXP
- Double Exp
- Exp limit 500% (you don't need to use a Epic scroll now) 

Posted by Administrator at Tuesday, 18 February - 21:22
Special Raffle Event 05/01/2020

Hi everyone!
We gonna have a special Raffle event  this week.
This is how it works:
We gonna have a single prize as reward for this occasion , on the Ticket C npc.


Raffle Ticket C =  1 set of new B10 wings of choice 


Purchasing one of these tickets, you will automatically be entered into the raffle event and have the chance to win the prize that matches the type of the ticket you bought. (the ticket will disappear when you change maps or relog, but you will still have entered the event).
The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.
The NPC will be spawned for a few days and then removed before the draw.



Winners will be picked Randomly and announced on forum and in game.
End Date is 09/01/2020 at 18.30

Posted by AnXieTy at Saturday, 01 February - 01:07