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Saturday September 19 @ 20:00
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Custom Titles/names



This is a service notice about the custom titles/names situation.


We will not tolerate any longer any title/name who is considered offensive/abusive IN ANY WAY towards specific players or group of people.

We will not tolerate any title/name who is directed to provoke or cause dramas.

We will not tolerate any title/name who contains insultive or abusive words.


All these above will be changed by the staff without any notice. Cash spent to create them will not be returned.

Recreating the title/name after it was changed might lead to a ban/ip ban overtime.


Please report any name/title you can consider unfitting so we can give it a look and act on it if is the case.


Keep the server clean, stop acting like kids.

More and more strict actions, regarding multiple subjects, will come up over time if we don't see improvements in the players behaviour.

Posted at Monday, 31 August - 10:59 by AnXieTy
Lcgenericname02 New Trailer Video!

Video made by our gamesage ColdiBTW!
Posted at Tuesday, 25 August - 23:41 by Administrator
Raffle Event

Hi everyone!
That's our Raffle event .
This is how it works:
There are 4 different NPCs that will be spawned in Ch2 Juno centre.

Every NPC sells a ticket for a different amount of gold 
ticket_a.png  ticket_b.png   ticket_c.png 07403-af6053f9-3c68-444d-830b-8f62ca71d9
Purchasing one of these tickets, you will automatically be entered into the raffle event and have the chance to win the prize that matches the type of the ticket you bought. (the ticket will disappear when you change maps or relog, but you will still have entered the event).
The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.
The NPCs will be spawned for a few days and then removed before the draw.


Raffle Ticket A =  10k cash


Raffle Ticket B =  5x Huge SP Container 10m


Raffle Ticket C =  Maxfinity 100% ( it's a new item Box who give you instantly 100% of ALL AFFINITY , just OPEN IT and done you will be Full 100% of each affinity )


Raffle Ticket D =  1x Huge Sp Container 10m



End Date is 06/09/2020 at 18.00

Posted at Friday, 21 August - 04:29 by SinCaRa
Event - Xo Questions

Hello dear community, 


I would like to share with you the new event we're going to introduce on Monday : The XO Questions Event 


This is an old event that was present on official servers that some of you may know. 


  1. How to access there


  • You must go to Domain Marchant NPC




  • and click on ' Entrance XO Quizz Event Room ' 


2. The room


(yes,this is the guild hall  :ph34r: )  In a side you have the X that stands for False and O that stands for Right - it can also stands for different possibilities of answers 




3.The purpose :





  • Here for example, the answer was X,  I got it right so I didn't get kicked out of the room, but if I answered wrongly (O), I would have been kicked back to Juno and the game would be over for me.
  • There are 15 questions, and you get the price at the end, if you're the Last Man/Woman Standing or if you reach 15 good answers!

4. The prices: 


  • If you reach 15 good questions : 5 million SP points on the char you'll choose + 15 HS Cards + 3 Bonus chips event
  • If you win because you are the last person, and can't reach the 15 good answers : 2M SP ! + 10 HS Cards + 3 Chips event.


The event will be on Monday, the entrance will open at 21h30 and the event will officially start at 21h40.

We'll announce it 20, 10, 5 minutes before it opens and when it is finally open


5.Rules : 


  • Do not flame, do not insult or you'll be kicked automatically from the event (with no possibility to join again)
  • Only one char per player, it'll be checked by the GMs
  • If you have any recommendation about the questions, please send me a PM in game or in the forum 


Thank you very much!


Posted by Kenzliee at Monday, 31 August - 10:59
Double Exp/sp Event (04.09-07.09.2020)


The Double EXP and SP event is now running and will last till Monday 12 P.M. (Server time/GMT +2)



Have fun!

Posted by xCouldntDefendIt at Tuesday, 25 August - 23:41
[event] Take A Picture !
Hey hey hey! I come to see you to offer you an event.

As some already know I am on vacation now. And I am a fan of photography of all kinds. So I had this idea of ​​an event !
To celebrate the return and the end of the holidays, I would like you to share with us the photo that best represents your vacation, the one that you like the most in your entire vacation gallery.

I will choose 3 of the most beautiful photos !

Rules :
- You can put as many photos as you want but only 2 will be counted for the event (please specify them)
- I don't necessarily ask for photos from this year

I leave you until Sunday to send your photos on this topic!
2 events chips, 1 bonus chip, 5 factions point and 10 reforms will be for you if you are chosen
2k cash for the first
1k for the second
500 for the third

It's your turn !
Posted by Winniee at Friday, 21 August - 04:29