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Saturday April 04 @ 20:00
Sunday April 05 @ 20:00
LCGenericName02 »
Reboot 27-4

Today i will do a reboot around 12.45.

Last evening something wend wrong with the Frozen Tundra, the monsters did not get marked dead, even though they were dead.
Which resulted in the Frozen Tundra of last night could not spawn the monsters because "they were still alive" 
This will be fixed.

Below are some more details about why i think the lag occurs, if you don't care, you can stop reading from here ;)


This is a graph of the network traffic during the Yesterday evenings frozen tundra.

You can see a clear peak around 8pm.
These are the network packets per second, blue is client to server, gray is server to client.
I about the same peak happened last saturday around 10 or 11am.


So this makes me believe that the problem is actually a little deeper than just frozen tundra.

Some time ago, i increased the range of which players get updated because we had a very high movement speed.
I have changed this range back to the original lastchaos value, this means you don't get updated on what a player is doing that
you can not even see. 

In addition i also changed the update rate from the client to server on moving.
Original it is 1 time per second, but because of the high movement speed i changed it to every 250ms.
This also means 4x the amount of data being sent to the server and sent back to all players around you.

I hope these 2 changes will have effect, if not, i will ofcourse change them back.
Right now they are changed back to the original lastchaos setting.

Posted at Friday, 27 March - 12:43 by Administrator
Changes : 2020-03-26

Some small changes

- Exp / Drop / Skillpoint boosters can now be toggled on and off (yes finally..)
- Exp rate in Alber increased to make level 200-220 more interesting to do
- Frozen Tundra optimizations in the code that should reduce a big chunk of lag, we will see today.
- Frozen Tundra time change in the weekend, Saturday : 21.00h, Sunday : 17.00h to not hinder sieges
- Castle Siege time window made more narrow, can be set between 17.00 and 23.00
- When you are max level you can no longer get pvp points from someone that is not max level.
- 5 second log out timer added



Why these last 3 changes?

Castle Siege:
I will write it down now because i am sure there will be complaints about it. 
I locked the Castle Siege time because i don't want castle sieges in the morning.
This is not done in favor of this guild or another guild, this language or that language.
Lets me be real, i don't care which guild you are in, i don't care which guild wins, it does not benefit me at all.

The sieges of this weekend will still be at the time it was set.

The pvp points:
The 275 armor is strong, very strong, and if you don't have the level 275 armor you have no chance. 
Does this mean you can't kill a 274 or less character anymore, ofcourse not, you can kill them as much as you want
but you just don't get rewarded for it anymore.

5 seconds logout timer:
This is added to make it less interesting to logout when you are about to die.
Doing that is lame, even if you are being ganked, you can do the same to them.

Posted at Thursday, 26 March - 11:46 by Administrator
Corona Promo

Lets finally say the word that is said a million times a day.
It affects all of out lives at the moment. 
Stay inside is the message!
Don't belittle it, its not a suggestion, its not "just a little worse than the flu"
Everyone that stays inside, can save a life!

To help you stay inside we will have some interesting promotions.
From now, until April 1st, 50% extra cash on each donation!

We will also keep the double exp / double pet exp running and additionally increase the exp limit you can boost up to 600% (PBI + Snowman + Epic = 500%)

Be smart, stay safe!


Posted at Tuesday, 17 March - 23:31 by Administrator
Monday Guess The Place By [gs ] Zsincara
Hey everyone it's time to have your weekly forum event !
  Monday Guess the Place by [GS ] zSInCaRa 
In Guess the Place i will make one screen shot of some place in different city without coordinates. 
The player needs to find this exact location and the same view as me ( the closest will win , with a max coordinate tolerance of 20 )
Make a screen shot and post the screen shot and also type in the coordinates of the location on the forums.
1 picture for each Monday so stay tuned   :P 
The first players to post the correct screen shot and the correct coordinates will be the winner for the week !
Post a pic with name of your toon and the exact location and the same view as me and smile    ;) 
Write under your pic the coordinates and the map
I will announce the winner on the topic dedicated to the event ( around 24h after my post )
if there is no winner :
reward will be increased by last Monday reward as euromillion system 
if the closest screen its more coordinate 20 than me = No Winner 
 7 Days HP/MP steal x1
 7 Days super haste  x1
 Hide and seek Cards x10
 Factions points x5
 Advanced grade reformer x10
 1000 cash 
Posted by SinCaRa at Friday, 27 March - 12:43
Signature Event [gs]donut



Hello LCGN02!



I need a forum signature! Therefore i start a signature event :D


Please note the rules:


Images up to 700 x 350 pixels!


The name [GS]DONUT must be the part of signature!


My charackter names are candys because of this i want to see candy like donuts etc.!

(fighting candy against other candys would be my favourite but its not a must have)


Im a rouge you could try to mix rouge things (like dagger or charackter apperance) with candy!


You need to add text \"DONUT mess with me\" :lol:


Note: Please add your ingame charackter name in your post :]


Event Date: 13.03.2020 - 29.03.2020





The choosen one can get:



500x of each halloween candy

5k cash

2x 7 day buffs (hp stealer, buff lock, hp/mp pro)

...maybe some other secret rewards :huh:




Posted by D0NUT at Thursday, 26 March - 11:46
Double Exp And Pet Exp Event

Hello guys,

as a compensation for today's maintenance, we have activated Double EXP and Pet EXP (P1 only) for all channels till the end of this week!


We are sorry for the inconvenience.



Posted by xCouldntDefendIt at Tuesday, 17 March - 23:31