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Saturday December 11 @ 20:00
Sunday December 12 @ 20:00
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Update : 2021-12-07

Some things that are added today :

  • Iris Book Chaper 3
  • Bulk Jewel Fusion
  • Christmas Event Enabled
  • New packages in the Webshop
Posted at Tuesday, 07 December - 19:29 by Administrator
Black Friday / Cyber Week Cash Promo

Black Friday - from 2021-11-26 @ 00:00h until 2021-11-27 @ 00:00h (servertime)

You will receive 50% bonus cash on every donation!

Cyber Week - from 2021-11-27 @ 00:00h until 2021-12-05 @ 00:00h (servertime)

You will receive 25% bonus cash on every donation!

Posted at Thursday, 25 November - 19:17 by Administrator
Expired halloween wings returned.

The Halloween wings that expired after fixing the system are now permanently returned to those that lost them.

Posted at Wednesday, 17 November - 16:56 by Administrator
You can now exchange your Pumpkins on the website

You could already exchange all your Empty Baskets for Halloween Candy.

You can now also exchange all your Pumpkins at once for the same items you would get at the Scarecrow NPC.

Posted at Monday, 01 November - 16:31 by Administrator
Patch Note : 2021-09-09

Today i want to announce some changes that will make PVP a little more fun.

We also made some changes to make it easier for new players to keep up.

  • PVP Trophies are back in the form of PVP Event Trophies
  • PVP Event Trophy Exchange NPC added near the Arena in Juno
  • 250 Armor set will be automatically given when you reach level 250
  • Armor Perkament quest added for easier farming Perks with 250 armor (not faster, just easier)
  • Juno bosses have a extra spawnpoint added per boss (3 locations per boss)
  • Every Saturday and Sunday is Forlorn Event and during this time you only need half the points to spawn a boss
  • Affinity rate of the entire server is now x2
  • All the Raid bosses (Grand gold dragon etc) now spawn 2x per map
  • Djinn Rename function added
  • Djinn Accuracy charm changed to PVP Attack charm
  • Kailux and Dilamun C2's added in the SP10 shop
  • Legendary Quest, monster respawn time reduced
  • Return point after Invisible dungeon changed to correct place
  • Enabled PVP in Cube ch2

About the PVP Event Trophies

These trophies will only be given during a PVP event like ACS, DCS, CTF, LMS, etc

If you make a kill, your entire party will receive a trophy.

Posted at Thursday, 09 September - 05:27 by Administrator
Forlorn's Ruin Event

Friday 20/08/21 15h server time up to Sunday 22/08/21 after DCS

Forlorn ruin boss are set like this :

Every 200 kills on ch1

Every 250 kills on ch2

Enjoy it :)

Posted at Friday, 20 August - 13:28 by [GM]SinCaRa
Summer Raffle Event

Hey Players ,


It's Time to Run our Summer Raffle Event !


Date of the Event :  13 July to 31 July


Prices :


Raffle Ticket A = Djinn of your choice


Raffle Ticket B = B10 wings of your choice


Raffle Ticket C =  Djinn Charm lvl 8 of your choice


Raffle Ticket D = 10x 10m SP container ( not tradable) on your character choice


For play it's easy , just buy some Raffle ticket , you will be registred for a draw ! ( by innocent HGM hands )

Posted at Tuesday, 13 July - 14:28 by [GM]SinCaRa
Server moved to a different location

Due to the lower amount of players i have decided to move the game to a smaller server.

Posted at Monday, 05 July - 21:38 by Administrator
Patch Note : 2021-04-26
  1. Ranking button removed from the game
  2. PVP Statistics button added

The PVP Statistics is a personal page where you can see some statistics.

It can only be seen by yourself.

Posted at Monday, 26 April - 06:14 by Administrator
Patch Note : 2021-04-19

Some needed fixes:

  1. SP Djinn fixed, it will increase above the 500% limit
  2. Quest EXP Djinn Buff fixed
  3. Earth Djinn Evo8 will follow you now
  4. Server will show again a message to you when you kill someone
  5. Server will save every kill and can later be used to show a personal kill/death log
  6. Wing boxes will cost 1m to open, but the wings are already identified outside the box
Posted at Monday, 19 April - 06:08 by Administrator
Patch Note : 2021-04-16

Some fixes and small adjustments as i realized the Online Time Exchange is a little too expensive.

  1. Moneyboss fixed, the player that did most damage will get the reward
  2. SP Pet, if you take the SP from the pet and you go over the 10m limit you won't lose the SP anymore
  3. PVP Achievements window fixed, you can use the last 2 buttons now
  4. Mobius Event removed from Achievements window due to other plans with the map
  5. ACS Wins and ACS Kills added to the PVP Achievements
  6. EXP and SP resurrection scrolls cooldown set the same like Resurrection scroll
  7. Skillhack check improved
  8. Online Time Exchange some items reduced in price A LOT
  9. LMS / CTF / Mobhunter / Cursed, when your inventory is full, the reward gets sent to your Mysterious Statue instead of losing the item
  10. Lust Trum teleport and NPC Portal Scroll can not be used in PVP like other teleportation items
Posted at Thursday, 15 April - 19:45 by Administrator
Patch Note : 2021-04-07

This are the changes that are made to the game.

  1. SP10 C2 Shop in Nine Curve sells all possible C2's with SP10 seals
  2. Cursed Woods better wallhack prevention
  3. Skillhack detection improved
  4. Money Boss reward is based on who dealt the most damage and not who made the last hit
  5. Invincible Buff disabled in Nine Curve
  6. Invincible Buff will remove instantly when you walk and not after 10 seconds
  7. Resurrection skill and scroll disabled in Aden Castle Siege
  8. Aden Castle Siege balcony inside Main Hall closed, you could hit the tower without getting hit by the debuffs
  9. NightShadow wing covers added in the Covershop NPC in Juno
  10. Items inside Daily Newbie Kit amount increased
  11. Automatic armor you get when leveling to 185 and 200 is now pre-jeweled
  12. Online Time Points have been changed to a item ingame and can be exchanged at a NPC.

The Online Time Points you have on your account will remain there, and the shop on the website will also stay.

The points will no longer increase, instead you will receive a item (Timepoint) for each 5 minutes your character is online.

A list of items inside this NPC can be found here

Posted at Wednesday, 07 April - 21:07 by Administrator
Patch Note : 2021-03-29
  1. Heart effect removed from easter event title
  2. H&S Pro Box opening requirements changed to 1 ticket
  3. Bunny ears reform fixed for PVP seals
  4. Ranking system / PVP points removed

If you still have a significant amount of PVP Trophys on your character we will exchange them for the titles.

Send a ticket to have them exchanged. 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000

Posted at Monday, 29 March - 14:28 by Administrator
Patch Note : 2021-03-24
  1. Easter event enabled, more detailed information can be found on the forum
  2. Castle Siege teleport window will automatically close after 15 seconds if nothing is chosen
  3. NS SP10 Boots reform fixed
  4. Owl's tablet of Agility also changed to 5 minutes duration
  5. New fun mount added, first appearance will be in the Easter Event

Posted at Tuesday, 23 March - 21:52 by Administrator
Forum Down for a unknown amount of time

Some days ago there was a fire in the Data Centre that hosted our forum webserver.

In this fire a lot of servers were destroyed.

Our forum server was in one of the rooms where the fire has been, but it is not certain if the server is destroyed.

During the next week i will have more information if and when the forum will be back how it was.

Luckily no other parts of our network of servers is affected by this fire because those are in other data centres.

Posted at Saturday, 13 March - 17:54 by Administrator
Patch Notes : 2021-03-08

- Titles added for Hunger Games event
- MCS removed the function to make the throne HP higher by playing
- MCS Made the throne HP higher by default

PvP Changes :

Wizard and Arch-Wizard re-worked and increased

Witch and arch-witch re-worked , now you can play DPS or support as you want .

All damage values checked and balanced better .


Skill Changes :

Witch and Arch-witch Fallen stat fixed , now will decrease attackspeed , skillspeed , movespeed and max HP .

Witch Decay fixed

Arch-witch Drain life skill have now a CD 1s .

Ranger Deceiving II increased a bit , now you can play Deceiving and stun shot combo .

Posted at Monday, 08 March - 06:22 by Administrator
Patch Notes : 2021-02-12

After the result of last Aden Castle Siege i noticed that we need some changes.
i question myself how its possible to kill over 700 players in 30 minutes. 
One reason could be that there was a character in the attacking guild allowing himself to get killed over and over.
To prevent this from happening again i tool some measurements. 

- Defender bonus point can only be given from a character once per minute.
- Attackers can also lower the bonus now for each kill to give the attackers a reason for PVP
- Attackers can not lower the points below 0
- Spirit Keeper resistance lowered to accommodate the lower amount of players hitting it. (it was fine when 3x the amount of players hitted it)

- For the Legendary Quests that requires to kill the Spirit Keepers, they are now spawned around Aden permanently for the quest.
These monsters will not work for ACS and are only for the quest.

Posted at Friday, 12 February - 06:11 by Administrator
Valentine's Event

Hey players ,


It's time to announce the 2021 Valentine's Event  , is running 05/02/21 untill 15/02/21 


This year will be new thing to do :


Every monsters on every maps will drop for you some Blue Heart , yeah they trust in your love xD so keep them in your inventory you need it for exhange them against some new reward !




Heart Collector PNJ will be near the socket manager PNJ on Juno town .


Love Pots give same value as Empty Bottle but you can cumulate them with empty bottle one for PvE or PvP !


Welcome to SP Lure !




Feel the love with new P1 transformation Card , welcome to Flying Love !




And don't forget one new title to get ( this year will be a PvE title with a 2 month duration )

Values are here :



How look like the title ? will be a surprise !



And during this event in game , on forum a screenshot event is running during this time , what to do ?


Just give some love ... can be with the valentine's title , new P2 SP Lure , Flying Love one , your BF , your GF , your favorite monster , your favorite player killed with a love mention xD



We will choose the best funny or more cute and i will give them some reward like :

Top 1             10k cash

Top 2             5k cash

Top 3             2.5k cash







Posted at Thursday, 04 February - 13:23 by SinCaRa
3V3 PvP Event!

3 vs 3 PVP EVENT



Start is at Saturday  20.03.21  18:00  in Game Time Juno Arena Ch 1.



Register only with both  char Names and Class.

You need Min. 1 Melee and 1 Range Char and 3 Diffrent Classes (Rogue / Ex-Rogues  Mage/ArchMage not the same)

Its a best of 1!

It will be a Tournament !







Woods Curse Title not allowed !

Siege Cover not allowed !

No Recalls Or Premium Porting.

No Resurrection Scrolls.

No Garlands.

No Souls from other chars or any other buffs.

Cleric is not allowed.

Cover title not allowed.

No P2

Only 1 Witch per Party




Disturb the event:

1 Offense = 3 Days Ban
2+ Offenses = 1 Week Ban





I will add them later i need to talk with Anxiety about it :P




The 3 Titel











WE do these PvP events for you so please dont destroy them if you lose or anything else.


Posted by xAang at Monday, 08 March - 06:22
Find the sentence event

Hello dear players!


A new event named \" Find the sentence \" will take a place today (01/03/2121) and it will end in 2 weeks (14/03/2121)

From now and this for 2 weeks, all the staff except [GS]Ferez and [ADM]Wizatek will hide with a p2 named with a special word.

This event will be on ch2, and the staff members will say on staff chat when they are going to hide, and for how much time.

What you will have to do?

Find all the staff members who participate with me in this event and get them all in a screenshot with the P2 named /!\word/!\

when you will get all the staff members who participe to this event in screenshot (it means 7 words found and take in SS) you will have a last thing to do :

The full sentence is an anastrophe, that mean you can reverse some words like for exemple \" is it \" -> \" it is \", and only 1 of the 2 will be the correct one.

(Only me ([GS]RockStaR), both GM's and Anxiety know the right full sentence and to make this event the more fair possible i will run it only as GS).

/!\WARNING/!\  The screenshots need to be fullscreen one, and we will ask you to add all of them here if you want us to count the sentence you give us.

About the wings, they will be for YOURSELF, this means that they will not be sent to an account that is not yours, even if you ask us to give them directly to a this char, we will check the IP to be sure.

And they will be character bound because its a event reward, so be sure on which of YOUR characters you want the wings to be added!

Also only one entry will be count per IP

One last thing to say :

I will give you a \" joker \" if you miss a staff member in your screenshots,

My P2 for this event will be a special one, named \" ExchangeWord \", if you find me with this P2 and you miss another staff member, we will exchange you this screenshot for the word you miss, but this \" joker \" is only available 1 time, so be sure you want to use it before asking us !

Here are the rewards we will give you for this event :

Full staff in SS with the right sentence :

B10 no tradable wings of your choice.

The wings will not be exchanged after being given, so be sure of the requested class and the name of them.

Full staff but wrong sentence :

B8 no tradable wings of your choice. (with debufftime and eva seals missing)

Also same as before, be sure of the class and name of the wings requested.

All the GS and GM's :

Still working on the reward package, added soon.

All the GS's :

Still working on the rewards package, added soon.

List of the staff members participating in this event :










One last thing to say before starting this event : good luck and do your best to find all of us! ^^

Posted by RockStaR at Friday, 12 February - 06:11
1v1 PvP Event

1v1 PvP Event

Register only with your Charname and class and 275!

The event is on saturday, 06.03.21 18:00 in game time.



Rules :

its a K.O system when you lose you are OUT!


Cleric not allowed


P2 pet buffs not allowed

Garlands not allowed

Buffs/ Souls from other chars not allowed

No Title Cover

Curse Woods title not allowed

Siege Cover not allowed

Disturb the event:

1 Offense = 3 Days Ban
2+ Offenses = 1 Week Ban


 1.Place : Titel , 3xLv6 Skillspeed charm, and 7,5k holy water of miracle ( 1 Bonus Event chip and H&S cards)
2.Place : 2xlv6 skillspeed charm , 4,5k holy water of miracle ( 1Bonus event Chip and H&S Cards )
3.Place : 1xlv6 skillspeed charm , 3 k holy water of miracle ( 1 Bonus event Chip and H&S Cards)



The 3 Title











WE do these PvP events for you so please dont destroy them if you lose or anything else.




My Next PvP Event will be Team PvP Event!

Posted by xAang at Thursday, 04 February - 13:23