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Saturday February 24 @ 20:00
Sunday February 25 @ 20:00
LCGenericName02 »
Happy Newyear!
As some of you might know i have been out of town for the entire christmas/newyear period.
Now i am back i want to wish everyone a Happy Newyear and more important the best of health!

As a NewYear present i have added 10k cash to all accounts that logged in between December 15th and the writing of this post!
Posted at Saturday, 06 January - 01:10 by Administrator
Maintenance 2017-12-17
Today i finally found a few hours to make the following changes:

- Custom Title document tradeable
- Veteran skills will pull 20 monsters instead of 10
- Altar boss should now spawn from only activating 1 pillar
- Wing of Revenge, Judgement and Honor are now also available as cover
- Holy Trial point gain increased
- Christmas event enabled
- Skill books and Elemental Jewels added back again to the Prison Life Merchant
- Pickup animation of all classes are fast now
- Damage of bosses in Aidia lowered
- Prokyon monsters changed to level 265
Posted at Sunday, 17 December - 05:23 by Administrator
Update 2017-11-25
It has been a while, LCGenericName03 was/is A LOT more work than i could have imagined.
Today i have took a whole day to get the most urgent issues resolved for LCGenericName02.
This update will include:
  • Invisible Dungeon drops and players falling trough the floor fixed
  • Purple Crystal droprate increased
  • Priest of Dawn NPC's fixed
  • Balrog quest couldn't find the issue so removed the 2 quests
  • Royal Knight dash fixed
  • Iris book titles made permanent once again
  • Invisible Dungeon weapons trade-able
  • Mobs in Aidia will give affinity points
  • Droprate Aidia materials increased
  • Large Affinity booster added as drop to world bosses
  • Evasion item changed to Wargames item in hand drop
  • Juno world bosses made stronger and drops updated to more recent items
  • Merac Caste Siege item shop npc copied and placed permanent in Juno
  • Faction points item trade-able
  • Blueprints Stackable
Posted at Saturday, 25 November - 02:13 by Administrator
Raffle Event 29/01/2018

Hi everyone!
That's our Raffle event .
This is how it works:
There are 4 different NPCs that will be spawned in Ch2 Juno centre.
Every NPC sells a ticket for a different amount of gold 
\"ticket_a.png\"  \"ticket_b.png\"   \"ticket_c.png\" \"07403-af6053f9-3c68-444d-830b-8f62ca71d9\"
Purchasing one of these tickets, you will automatically be entered into the raffle event and have the chance to win the prize that matches the type of the ticket you bought. (the ticket will disappear when you change maps or relog, but you will still have entered the event).
The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.
The NPCs will be spawned for a few days and then removed before the draw.


Raffle Ticket A = Ethereal Weapon of choice


Raffle Ticket B =  Special seals C2 cover for a class of choice. (you can pick one model only)


Raffle Ticket C = 500k Aidia affinity points


Raffle Ticket D = 2500 LCGN logo


C2 covers models :


Titan, Rogue, Knight , Healer , Mage, Sorcerer : Lv 85 set , Lv 97 set , Lv 107 set , Lv 127 set , Lv 165 set


Nightshadow : Lv 119 set , Lv 149 set , Lv 160 set



Example : \"0690d-ac6d2d26-9255-424a-b4c7-7a59be5831\" 



Every C2 parts will have those special seals : \"0690d-fdf4a5d9-29c6-45e2-9870-800efafd8f\"



It expires in 1 month as any other C2  cover.



Winners will be picked Randomly and announced on forum and in game.
End Date is 03/02/2018 at 18.00

Posted by AnXieTy at Saturday, 06 January - 01:10
Halloween Mask Event



Happy Halloween LCGN02!
Yayyyyyy OMG its my favorite holiday again!  :D
You know what that means right? RIGHT?!?
It's Halloween Event Time!
We are going to do a mask event again!
Show us your scariest faces! 
(bedhead not required, but always good for a laugh)
(im lookin at you here mumz xo)
You can use a mask on yourself, your LCGN02 character, your cute kids,even your cat if they're into that!
(note:masks are available IG for characters,photoshop wont be accepted)
Because examples are best and you need one, this year, I decided to dress up as my Mom..
BAHAHAHAHAHA OMG SHE'S GNA KILL ME IF SHE SEES THIS! (facebook friends you just...just.... nevermind!)
Remember to include your character name below your post so we know where to send the prizes!
Rules : 1 entry per account
           NO THREAD SPAMMING    
           3 winners will be chosen
           All participants will go into a random draw with 1 winner 
Prizes : 
1st : Special Edition Halloween Wings, Black Widow Title, and c1 cover of your choice






2nd : 7.5k Cash(7,500)



3rd : Pots/mall items of your choosing (Up to 4.5k(4,500) total)



The Raffle Prize : 1 Blueprint of your choice



(and remember, a happy gm is a great gm, i take payments in candycorn :P)

(HGM is more into rockets xp)

Posted by JezeBelle at Sunday, 17 December - 05:23
Xo Event 18.00 Server Time!
Ready to jump in the past a little bit?
Our HGM Anxiety will run an XO quiz today, around 6pm GMT +1
Don't miss there, it will be challenging! The questions will be about LCGN02 and general knowledge (science, chemicals, history, sports etc.)
When it starts it will be announced ingame, to get inside the XO room you will have to go to domain merchant and press on the \"XO room entrance\", but this will be said before the event starts either.

Wish you will like it, but I am sure you will!
Posted by Unknown at Saturday, 25 November - 02:13
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Elementalist NocnaFuriaa   26 Domey Assassin HavanaClub
NoWhereToBeSeen Wizard   27 xTwister ExAssassin SlaystatioN
Bephan NightShadow DcWs   28 BLACKSTAR Assassin SlaystatioN
4 LuminositeEternelle Witch lDanGeRouSl   29 Anero Assassin Boostedkids
5 lToKiooOl Wizard AloneWarrior   30 xUnknow ExAssassin
6 DooMsday NightShadow IFallenAngelzI   31 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PaktDerWoelfe
7 xShowBackx3 ExAssassin IFallenAngelzI   32 InDuRa Wizard AloneWarrior
8 lErZal Assassin PowerOfMuslim   33 VezU Ranger
9 xNatsuDragneel ExAssassin lDanGeRouSl   34 SakaR Assassin
10 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   35 Raly Specialist ComermeLaPolla
11 xBlackHawkx Assassin lSwearSheWas18   36 NeideRv3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl
12 lAndromedal Assassin lBlackMoonl   37 xlAyrtonlx Assassin
13 Baaah Wizard Descendants   38 LeeFans Ranger
14 lShaaLaDaBossl Assassin lDanGeRouSl   39 xStarDoN Wizard Arcadia
15 xPabloEscobar NightShadow   40 Malutki Assassin lDanGeRouSl
16 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3   41 Galianoo Assassin
17 FlawlessReborn Wizard AloneWarrior   42 xNoMerCy Assassin
18 KendalI Wizard   43 ShaaLina Cleric lDanGeRouSl
19 SuNsHlNe Assassin H4RDC0R3   44 Shelsea Archer NeverHate
20 InSpIRaTioN ExAssassin   45 lKiRal NightShadow AloneWarrior
21 Aiirusx3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl   46 SmoKja Assassin Arcadia
22 Maleficus Witch NocnaFuriaa   47 Lacrima ExAssassin HavanaClub
23 Brianinna Wizard lDanGeRouSl   48 IBadxInfluenceI NightShadow
24 ShaL Highlander   49 Z00M3R Royal Knight
25 [GS]xCouldntDefendIt Wizard 0nlyUsGirls   50 Vossen Wizard Boostedkids

Next ranking update in 11 hours, 22 minutes and 35 seconds