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Saturday August 15 @ 20:00
Sunday August 16 @ 20:00
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Summer Donation Promo

For the entire month of August you will receive 25% extra cash on each donation!

Posted at Saturday, 01 August - 00:08 by Administrator
Patch Notes: 2020-07-08

The new dedicated server we used since last month showed not strong enough for the task.
For this reason i ordered a new dedicated server with a lot more power.
This new server is rocking 2x Intel Xeon 5118 cpu's! 

Also changed:
- Some optimizations in the server code
- Some optimization in the client code / renderer (Still no DX9, still have a few small issues with it)
- Cursed Woods all forms of teleporting disabled.

If you notice some things that are not working please use the [url=]Contact Us[/url] feature and i will try to fix it as fast as possible!

Posted at Wednesday, 08 July - 02:11 by Administrator
Patch Notes: 2020-06-25
- Achievements for DCS fixed
- Achievements for Siege towers and gates will work on everyone that helped kill & support
- DCS will automatically end when the winner is known (i.e when guild A has 61 minutes there is no way another guild can get more because there are only 59 minutes left)
- Multiclient Check fixed with Premium character teleport
- Money Boss spawn position [423, 353] changed, was inside a wall
- Removed safe zone on stairs DCS
- Cube skill (Nine Curve Dungeon) changed to no target for all classes
- Last Man Standing map fixed
Posted at Thursday, 25 June - 17:04 by Administrator
Test Your Luck 21/07/2020
Hey hey 02 ! Test your Luck is back ! 
I come to you to offer to participate in a very simple event.
It works like a raffle event but completely free.
This will allow you to win event rewards quite easily for those who do not have the opportunity to connect during events on the server.
To participate nothing more simple, I need your nickname ingame in comment. Only one of your characters can participate    :wub: 
You can participate in this event until next Tuesday. Tuesday I will draw lots for all those who participated and announce this week's winner(s)   :D 
Rewards : 
- 5 event chip

- 2 Bonus event chip 

- 2k cash 

3 winners will be taken during the draw 
(In the comments I just ask for your nickname, nothing more. A comment unrelated to the event will be deleted)
Posted by Winniee at Saturday, 01 August - 00:08
Raffle Event 14/07/2020

Hi everyone!
That's our Raffle event .
This is how it works:
There are 4 different NPCs that will be spawned in Ch2 Juno centre.
Every NPC sells a ticket for a different amount of gold 
Purchasing one of these tickets, you will automatically be entered into the raffle event and have the chance to win the prize that matches the type of the ticket you bought. (the ticket will disappear when you change maps or relog, but you will still have entered the event).
The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.
The NPCs will be spawned for a few days and then removed before the draw.


Raffle Ticket A = 15k cash


Raffle Ticket B = One full affinity of choice


Raffle Ticket C =  One max attack 275 weapon of choice (base attack, not reformed seals)


Raffle Ticket D = 8 Armor Perkements


Winners will be picked Randomly and announced on forum and in game.
End Date is 20/07/2020 at 18.00

Posted by AnXieTy at Wednesday, 08 July - 02:11
[event] Tell Me A Story
Hey hey dear community, I'm coming here for an event :D
I would like to offer you an event today ! I don't know if it has already been done but it comes straight out of my head.
The purpose of this event is very simple, I just ask to use your imagination.
I'm going to an \"rp\" event
The purpose is to tell me a story, your story or a story of a friend of yours on 02. You can tell me a day, a week, a life or other.
Put yourself in the time context of LastChaos which is not in the same as ours today 
Involve cities, npc, other players if you feel like it.
I'm not asking for a very long story, but just let your imagination come ! I don't give a word limit !
Any details are welcome, I am quite passionate about the stories and I hope you will be inspired by this.
I leave this event for 2 weeks, if that is not enough I can add time but leave for 2 weeks for the moment. After these past two weeks, I will ask the staff's opinion to help me choose one of your stories  :wub: 
So I leave you to your keyboards ! 
All participants will be rewarded and only 1 will be a winner.
I'll give you an example with my story.

I would give cash for each participant and some H&S cards as well 


The winner will win event chips with bonus chips.
With either
1) Premium character, superbuff, pro potion, chaos energy, jewel pocket 15
2) PvE: 10 perks + Big SP container + cash
My Story  B) 
Hello dear reader, I will tell you my story today, sit down and have a bowl of honey :P
My story begins with a story that my father and mother told me, two great warriors who fought in one of the largest guilds in GenericName02.
My mother was a formidable wizzard, who killed all her enemies in her path with her very precise IceBall. She never missed her target, during her training on Stone Statues outside the capital I loved watching her, dream of being like her one day.
My father was a specialist very respected by his guild and his friends. He was the officer of his guild, and he carried out with an iron fist the raids against the enemies in the various worlds of GenericName. He often came back with a smile on his face at night when he told us about his adventures during the day.
Every night to fall asleep he would tell me details that he did not tell in front of my mother, it was our little secrets before sleeping.
One day, they told me about the day when they won one of the biggest battles of their lives. They told me that once a week, 2 big battles are going on, the guilds wanting to participate must fight to win one of the two castles that the Royal Guard Captain offers.
They have been preparing for months and months for this battle. They and their friends fought and pushed back their enemy until victory.
While they were telling me their story they smiled, the stars in their eyes, they were proud and it showed. From that day I decided that I wanted to be like them, a warrior who would fight for a guild who could be proud of me.
So I registered in the registers of warriors of the Juno Capital with Captain Leon by choosing to be a healer and my training started from this day.
For the beginning I received a sum of gold from our king for his future soldiers which allowed me to buy my weapons and armor from Rowel and Baran, the armors / weapon trader. I admit that the first time I had my weapon in my hand it seemed strange.
A fairly heavy bow, not very comfortable armor and first-rate arrows. My training with my master Healer could therefore begin.
My master explains to me that to improve myself, learn new skills, and have the ability to put other armor / weapons that I had to go up in levels by following several quests in the different worlds of GenericName02.
I followed his advice, for months during I traveled our world in search of experience, learning, adventure and fights. I went through cities like Tarian, Egeha, Mondshine, Aidia and many others.
All this while keeping in mind my biggest dream, to become like my parents. They were my reason for being and the reason I was doing it all, two heroes who I was trying to look like.


During these adventures I could meet many people, people who wanted to become warriors like me, people who just wanted to travel the world in order to get rich, others who were there for the recolt, others in the services of the King ...
During these months I could surround myself with a future conqueror and that I was sure of it.
My master had explained to me that whatever I could collect during my adventures I could sell it to other people, by the Siban Trading Agent, or by opening my own business. Thanks to that I was able to enrich myself very easily and I was able to improve my armor over time.


After 2 years of training, doubt, questioning, sale, meeting, loyal service to our King and Captain Leon I arrived at my maximum level of performance and levels.
I managed to make my armor, my weapon, my jewels and all the arsenal necessary to be able to survive in the world of combat.
During a ceremony Estella sacrificed me Cleric, and gave me the gift of caring for my friends and myself in order to keep them alive during our future battles. So I gave up my bow for a cleric's scepter which holds a rather powerful power.
As a reward for these two years of hard work, the Captain Leon offered me my Demon Wings as well as a mount to help me travel.
Once I was sure I was ready, I went to my parents' grave at Mondshine to tell them everything, and to thank them for making me what I have become. And that I will continue their fight for them and thus win a second time their battle which they were so happy to win.
I wanted to live that day, I wanted to be as proud as them, I wanted a guild to count on me too.
During the following months, I joined a guild, the same people I met during my training, we fought during an event planned by Capital, we won rewards that allowed us to get into guild rankings.
We got stronger, more respect, several people joined us and the guild was growing day by day.
I became more and more efficient and I managed to keep a whole group alive ! I was sure my parents were proud of me for where they were.
We were ready, I was ready, yesterday our leader told us that he had registered our guild for the great battles, I thought I was dreaming. I was finally going to participate, I was touching my dream with my fingertips ! 
I must also leave you, we still have 1 week of preparation for this long-awaited battle.
Thank you for reading me, I hope this story made you want to become a warrior and join our ranks ! 
See you soon !



So this event ends on July 25, good luck guys  :wub: 

Posted by Winniee at Thursday, 25 June - 17:04