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Saturday December 05 @ 20:00
Sunday December 06 @ 20:00
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Update After Poll 2015-11-03

This update is to make some changes that are made based on the mass poll.

- New boss added in Aden to be killed with Fellowship, daily for more proofs.
- Farming items also drop from monsters at a low rate, for those that don't want to farm afk but grind
- Proof of Heroism gives much more affinity points when contributed
- Monsters in Aden lowered their evasion
- Repeatable animal bones quest gives Aden affinity points aswel
- To make the Faction system not completely wasted time, daily faction quest that requires highest rank, to get Proof of Heroism
- Memorization scroll increased to 15 slots default, and 25 slots premium
- Instant 7 sockets item added in Itemmall
- Pink/Blue candy, Heavenstone/Runes don't drop anymore => Special Items Merchant (I know about lcgn affinity)

- Item flag for Warehouse and Guildstash are now separated, and certain items can now be put in the warehouse, but not in guild stash.

- Taunt added to Warmaster and Highlander skill Downstroke

Posted at Tuesday, 03 November - 05:10 by Administrator
If You Were Playing Aio Or Territoria Lc

Again there seems to be a database hacked from servers that have no idea what security means.
These servers were storing passwords without encryption with as result that the whole database with usernames and passwords are open on the internet again. 

I can not stress enough the importance of using different passwords on every server you play on. 
Don't think this won't happen to me, because it will.


If you are using the same password on another server, no matter which one, please change it now.

Posted at Tuesday, 27 October - 14:55 by Administrator
Maintenance 2015-10-22
- Aden Farming hack check changed, will no longer DC you if you are not a hacker
- Second Chance quests will also give Aden Affinity points
- The farming boosters (1 hour and all night) will be able to cancel eachother
- PVP Shield disabled for Aden
- Second Non-PVP Channel added (Ch2 and Ch5)
Posted at Thursday, 22 October - 12:29 by Administrator
The Hunger Games Event.
The Hunger Games event
Most of you will know the famous Hunger Games movies, but for those that don't, here is a little sum up from Wiki: 
\"The Hunger Games universe is a dystopia set in \"Panem\", a country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and twelve districts in varying states of poverty. Every year, children are chosen to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match called The Hunger Games.\"
So what actually happens at the The Hunger Games?
The player's first aim are to retrieve the necessary items to survive. However, in the race to get the items, they can be killed, and can kill, other players. And that's exactly that part of the movie I want to recreate. 
A HGM will drop an item called \" Survey Kit \" \"05b13-7b668cb4-e712-4986-bf3e-bb572de9d0\" and players will have to run, and get the item before anyone else. PvP will be allowed so players will be able to kill each other. When someone is killed, the killer will have to PM the (H)GM with the name of the player they killed. The (H)GM will be in the spawn, meaning resurrection scrolls will not be allowed.
Once the kill is confirmed the (H)GM will announce, something like: \"District 3 - GreekLover has been killed.\" The killer will not me mentioned. This does not mean everything is over for that district, as they will still have their other participant running for the victory.
If a player obtains the item, he/she will have to try to keep it until the event finishes (when everyone else has died). When someone kills the player in holding, the item will be passed along to the killer. When all the districts are eliminated, the winner will be announced, and the player will be the Hunger games King/Queen. 
There can be two winners, if coming from the same district. So, for example, if District 3 won thanks to Dutchy, then his partner, GreekLover, who may have died, will receive a prize as well.
You have to write below the player with who you wanna be, and the districts. 
Rules :
 - The map will always be maze
 - You cannot go out of the map 
 - You cannot Invi 
 - You can use the lizard, but if your lizard gets killed, you CANNOT release it 
 - Clerics are ALLOWED. 
Rewards : 
 - \"05b13-e0c30329-1140-472c-878e-cdeaf3bd16\" \"05b13-243b4c0d-ae3e-4c89-8e07-ccbe671222\"
Here is a video, made as example, that's really simple.
We weren't a lot of GS but there will be at least 6 districts which is 12 players.
Thank to the Admin for creating the items, and title.   :wub: 
 And thank to KenZ for the event idea  :wub:
Also thank to my amazing Copy/Paste skills.  :ph34r: :ph34r:
Event will be hosted Sunday 6 December at 5pm server time.
Posted by AnXieTy at Tuesday, 03 November - 05:10
Selfie Event Winners!

Winners has been picked randomly via


First place : SmoKya  1 Coral 15 + 2 Aragonite 15


Second place : DeviantART Coral 15   + 1 Aragonite 15


Third place : Domey   2 Aragonites lvl 15




Everyone else  will  receive a Town Boss Box A as promised :D



Prizes will be placed into misterious statue as soon as possible.


Thanks everyone for joining!!!!  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

Posted by AnXieTy at Tuesday, 27 October - 14:55
Selfie Event!

Hi guys!


It's been a while since the last Selfie event, so since my pervert side has been quiet for around 6 months, guess is time to let it out again  :ph34r:


Rules are always the sameYou need to take a selfie with your toon/lcgeneric02 screen in the background^^

(write up the name of the character you show us right under the selfie, as it will be the one who will receive the prize)


This is an example kindly offered by [GM]Wahrheit (since GreeK is too busy cheating on me  :(  :(  :( ) :





There will be 3 winners. (they will be choosen by a random raffle)

Prizes will be: First place = 1 Coral 15 + 2 Aragonite 15
                      Second place = 1Coral 15   + 1 Aragonite 15
                      Third place =  2 Aragonites lvl 15
Everyone else who join the event will still receive a Town Boss Box A



Event will end the 27/11/2015


             Keep this topic clean and stay on topic! Other posts will be hidden!

Posted by AnXieTy at Thursday, 22 October - 12:29
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
BeforeYou Ranger IDontProvoke   26 Sayyi Assassin IDontProvoke
xSkyze Ranger IDontProvoke   27 NeDeXPwnagE Assassin BamBamStyIe
Trygonus Specialist Venatorum   28 Chinx Assassin IDontProvoke
4 FasoN Ranger IDontProvoke   29 CirCuz NightShadow Descendants
5 Bisu Assassin Avoidance   30 Akyshaa Cleric Avoidance
6 ILoveFasoN Assassin   31 NewHorizons Assassin
7 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   32 SLYRDoner ExAssassin IDontProvoke
8 x404 Assassin Avoidance   33 xKamiKaze ExAssassin PaktDerWoelfe
9 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3   34 Rapwnzel Assassin Avoidance
10 xBlackHawkx Assassin PaktDerWoelfe   35 xKorsakoff Assassin
11 lAndromedal Assassin   36 StfuAndLetUsUseHack Assassin IDontProvoke
12 Screamx Ranger Delyrium   37 SlasheR Ranger BamBamStyIe
13 [GS]Dope Assassin DopeSociety   38 [GS]Baaah Witch Descendants
14 xTyson Assassin   39 MM93 Assassin Avoidance
15 xOrsa ExAssassin BishPlease   40 RealOG ExAssassin PocketOnYokazuna
16 BLACKBAER ExAssassin GummiBaeren   41 Energiiz Specialist
17 Anero Ranger Descendants   42 Tadnfatafd NightShadow Smileys
18 IlNowYouSeeMeIl Assassin IDontProvoke   43 HOMICIDA Assassin MAPHIA
19 Shelsea Archer LesAngesGardiens   44 xAIone Assassin IDontProvoke
20 Osgar Assassin   45 x679 NightShadow BishPlease
21 IBadxInfluenceI NightShadow   46 Beezyy NightShadow
22 Hoellenbraut ArchWizard PaktDerWoelfe   47 HanShotFirst NightShadow Avoidance
23 Ecstasyy ExAssassin   48 SweetBarbieBoy Assassin WiIdFire
24 Flyer Assassin QatarFoundation   49 xlZbodywcaSielx Ranger xlBocaJuniorslx
25 Aczino ExAssassin NOxMERCY   50 Reyes Wizard

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