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Saturday January 30 @ 20:00
Sunday January 24 @ 20:00
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Patch Notes : 2021-01-22 : Aden Castle Siege fixes

Based on last weeks Aden Castle Siege i had to make some changes and fixes :

- Defender spawn pad bug fixed
- Lock towers fixed, they didn't register when someone logged off
- HP Stealer not working anymore
- Main Tower healing fixed (was healing for each kill, both defender and attacker :| )
- Healing text added, like the damage amount but then in green
- Castle notice for Aden castleowner fixed
- Flag carrier resistance to stun/stone/silence lowered from 80% to 50%
- Flag positions changed. we need to take in the last room and bring to "town"
- Flag carrier movespeed lowered from 10 to 7.5, slower is not possible
- 1 Flag in total, instead of 1 flag for each guild
- Good announcement when the flag is picked / dropped and destroyed


Posted at Friday, 22 January - 06:17 by Administrator
Patch Notes : 2021-01-15

Aden Castle Siege:
- Flag on flag carrier enlarged for better visibility
- Extra effect on flag carrier for better visiblitity
- Notification displayed when someone takes the flag
-  Flag carrier stone/stun/silence reduction limited to 80%

Some changes implemented for testing in PVP on request:
- Barrier made a self buff
- Storm Cloud, 2 seconds cooldown added
- Sleeping Fog, 2 seconds cooldown added
- Cop of Night, changed to 3 seconds cooldown instead of 2
- PVP Protection item disabled from use

- Spawn time of Queen of Martires reduced to 5 minutes
- Spawn time of King of Kinds reduced to 5 minutes
- Spawn time of Darkmind Terrain reduced to 1 minutes

The changes to pvp are a test, they can be changed back if it makes things worse. 


Posted at Friday, 15 January - 06:20 by Administrator
Update 2020-12-29 : Djinn, Aden Castle Siege and more

Changes - 2020-12-30 :
- Required monsters are now a personal amount.
When you kill enough monsters a button will appear on your screen.
You can choose when and where to spawn this boss and kill it.

The announcement is gone, and you can even go to a different channel for this.
The count accumulates, so if you kill 2x the amount you can spawn 2 bosses.
The amount is set to 400 on PVP and 500 on NON-PVP


Changes  - 2021-01-03:
- Djinn Slot Unlocker added to the Item Mall
- Djinn Option Changer item added to the Item Mall (Will change the buff of your Djinn to another type)
- Castle Siege NPC's removed from MobHunter list
- Djinn Attack Buff fixed, also adds Magic attack now
- Djinn PVE/PVP/HP Buffs fixed, instead of reducing 10% it would just reduce 10 dmg
- Annie Boss spawned for the Legendary Quests
- Mondshine map coordinates fixed
- Supernatural Statues now only spawn in Egeha, making it a lot easier to find them
- 275 Legendary Weapon seals fixed. Hitrate placed back and increased a little, and Increase PVP Damage instead of the HP% seal
- Horse can not be mounted while in PVP / Self Defense


This update brings the following new things and changes

- New world : Forlorn Ruin
This world is not like you are used to. 
All the monsters in this world have a random location, so you can never know where a monster is.
This world also has a few bosses, but they only appear after a number of normal monsters are killed.

- Aden Castle Siege
Finally, after all these years, ACS is created, it was challenging, and most likely still not perfect. 
This castle siege has both PVP and PVE aspects to it, it is unique in its kind. 
You can find in detail information here

- Djinn system
Djinns are a passive spirit that you can summon, passive in a way that they don't attack or die.
They can level up, buff, you can add charms to them which are like jewels. They also have a buff.
There are 4 different Djinn types, 8 different buff types and 10 different charm types which can both help
your character in PVE or PVP.
The Djinn is on account level, so you can use the same Djinn on all characters in your account!

- Legendary PVP Weapon (Lv275)
With this update its also possible to get a new weapon.
You can drop it in the new world.

- Mob Hunter Event
During random unexpected times, this system can suddenly announce that it wants a certain monster dead.
This can be any monster on the open worlds. Can be a Fox but it can also be a world boss.
The person that can stop everything he is doing and runs to find and kill the mob will be rewarded.

- Supernatural Event
2 different statues are spawned on a random location in a random world.
Attack the statues and the monster inside will appear.
These are both requirements for a new daily quest

- Legendary Quest Chain
Created by SinCara, a chain of more than 50 challenging quests

- MCS Changes
MCS has always been difficult to defend. This is changed now a little.
There will always be a field battle, even if only 1 guild registered to attack.
For every attacker killed, the seat of power will have more HP.

- Spending Trillions like Millions title updated
This title is now updated to have some nice PVP stats.
This will make it easier for those who don't have a Birthday title and don't want to farm the PVP points.
It comes with a price, this title still costs 1 trillion and only stays 14 days.

- Inventory Item Search
From now on you no longer have to go trough all inventory tabs to find your items.
In the inventory is a button, click it to open the search window.
Type a part of the name, hit enter and all matching items will apear.
You can also access this by typing /find in the chat.

- New Hitlists
- New Monsters
- New Titles


- General update guide Click Me
- Aden Castle Siege guide : Click Me




Posted at Tuesday, 29 December - 14:34 by Administrator
Forum Extra Bingo ! Part.3 !

Forum Extra Bingo


Open : 19/01/2021

Close : 27/01/2021

Hey everyone :), There is the 3rd Forum Bingo !

I will do it every month. Same process as the previous ones :


- You will have to give me 10 numbers between 1 and 300 under this post.

- You can't take 2 identical numbers.


- You will have to give me the nickname of the IG char you want participate with.

- You can't participate with 2 chars.


- I'll give one week to give me 10 numbers.
- More if needed
- One person per IP.
- Choose your numbers well and don't edit your numbers once posted, I won't change them.
 I will make a ranking, the top five only will get rewards.
1st : 3,5k cash, 5 event chip, 2 bonus event chip.
2nd : 3k cash, 4 event chip, 2 bonus event chip.
3rd : 2,5k cash, 3 event chip, 2 bonus event chip.
4th and 5th : 2k cash, 2 event chip, 2 bonus event chip.
Good luck !
Posted by Mideku at Friday, 22 January - 06:17
Guess The Place is Back !

Guess the Place 


Hello everyone, I'm back today with an event inspired by Sincara !

The principle is simple, I will give you a small screen without the coordinates and you will have to find this place and be more or less at the same coordinates as me. (A limit of 20 is allowed)

I'm going to do this event once a week
The first two people to find the place wins the prize, but all participants will also win something.


The rules are simple :

One photo per IP (exception accepted)

You will have to put your photo in the comment space with your coordinates and nickname.

So I would leave a week for everyone to participate but be the first anyway !


The rewards : 

First : 

- 3 event chip
- 1 Bonus Event 
- 10 H&S cards 
- 20 100k SP containers 

Second : 

- 2 event chip
- 1 Bonus Event 
- 10 H&S cards 
- 15 100k SP containers 

For all participants : 

- 200 cash 

- 5 H&S cards 


Here is the Picture : 


Good luck ! :D

Posted by Winniee at Friday, 15 January - 06:20
1v1 PvP Event

1v1 PvP Event

Register only with your Charname and class!

The event is on saturday, 01.23.21 18:00 in game time .


Rules :

its a K.O system when you lose you are OUT!


Cleric not allowed

P2 pet buffs not allowed

Garlands not allowed

Buffs/ Souls from other chars not allowed

No Title Cover

Curse Woods title not allowed

Siege Cover not allowed

Disturb the event:

1 Offense = 3 Days Ban
2+ Offenses = 1 Week Ban


1.Place: PvP Tournament Winner Title , 2 Bonus Event Chips, 5k Cash , 20 H&S Cards, 7,5k Holy Water of Miracle

2.Place : 1 Bonus Event Chip , 5 Normal event chips 3k cash , 15 H&S Cards , 5k Holy Water of Miracle

3.Place : 1 Bonus Event Chip , 3 Normal event chips , 2k cash ,10 H&S cards , 2,5k Holy water of Miracle


[GM]Winnie will add a Random Packet for the Winner.

The 3 Title











WE do these PvP events for you so please dont destroy them if you lose or anything else.


This will be more a test PvP event to see if we can change something or add new rules etc.

All who participate in the event will get 10 H&S Cards

Posted by xAang at Tuesday, 29 December - 14:34