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Saturday September 22 @ 20:00
Sunday September 23 @ 20:00
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Capture The Flag & Holy Trial Moved To Ch2

Capture the Flag and Holy Trial are now moved back to Ch2 like before

Posted at Monday, 12 March - 06:06 by Administrator
Update: 2018-03-01 [many Things] [capture The Flag]

Today a update that has been worked on for the past weeks.
This update should target a few of the annoyances that are ingame at this moment.
This update does not contain any balancing changes to make sure nothing f#cks up



The things that have changed

  • Bouncing screen effect removed from Holy Waters
  • Monsters should not reset anymore that easy
  • Angry Hadian boss in Juno spawntime reduced
  • Aidia boss quests now have a 100% success rate
  • Dragon Armor from Dragon Armor box does not expire anymore
  • All C2 Costumes are now permanent
  • Amount of monsters in Aidia slightly increased (specially in the maze)
  • Repeatable quest added in Temple of Forgetfulness
  • Invisible Dungeon title added, you need to finish a quest for this title
  • Bosses in Lost Pyramid will now also drop [PRO]Shield
  • Monster level of monsters in Velpist temple increased to match our min and max level
  • Droprate of Aidia materials is increased with 5%
  • Pet change reset book thing to reset transformation of your pet added to the Special Items Merchant
  • Union of Sio merchant and Socket Manager in Aden will not DC anymore
  • Ramslo Armor and Weapon chests can be deleted and dropped
  • Scroll of Memorization additional slots added, 25 normal and 50 extended
  • Half-Opened Chest in Temple of Forgetfulness will drop more interesting items
  • Monsters in Temple of Forgetfulness have been made stronger
  • Title added for killing bosses in Temple of Forgetfulness
  • I aint scared of no damn compra title added back to the game and bloodseals increased slightly
  • The old weapons i have used for Destiny Lastchaos added as weapon covers
  • All weapons from level 1 till 165 are added as weapon cover in the Cover Shop
  • Raid is now enabled for all channels
  • Santa removed from Aden
  • Custom Title system now has the option to choose No effect
  • Monsters in Monster Combo are now no longer agressive
  • Quest requirement to enter Mondshine removed
  • Gold rate inside Tomb of Theo increased slightly
  • Empty Bottles in [Boss] Quests in Aidia increased from 5 to 15
  • Holy Trial will kick you to Juno with the Deserter debuff when you go AFK longer than 5 minutes
  • Holy Trial points will only be given when you are inside the Holy Trial map
  • Holy Trial 3vs3 will spawn a tower (like 5vs5) when there is no kill within 5 minutes
  • Attendance Insurance item increased to 1 Month
  • Soulstone boxes added to the bosses in Temple of Forgetfulness
  • Missionary Boss Coloncha level increased to 165
  • Premium Character Teleports increased from 15 to 150 per day



Completely new features (Mostly adopted from LCGN03)

  • Auto pickup system added, you can choose which type of items to pickup automatically
  • Statpoint +10 button added to quickly change statpoints 08301-38b2212f-ff8f-4991-865e-127a8dffea
  • Cash Certificates added to safely sell your cash ingame (Will replace cash auction on website) [Guide]
  • Full blue name item added, this will give you +32.000 good/evil when used
  • Capture the Flag PVP event added [Guide]
  • Automatic skill learn added, this will automatically learn the skills when you levelup
  • Levelup items added to stimulate leveling. You will receive items at level 185, 200 and 220 mostly including equipment
  • Insane Pet Experience potion added, gives 1000% pet exp when used for 8 hours
Posted at Thursday, 01 March - 15:34 by Administrator
Happy Newyear!
As some of you might know i have been out of town for the entire christmas/newyear period.
Now i am back i want to wish everyone a Happy Newyear and more important the best of health!

As a NewYear present i have added 10k cash to all accounts that logged in between December 15th and the writing of this post!
Posted at Saturday, 06 January - 01:10 by Administrator
Raffle Event 16/07/2018

Hi everyone!
That's our Raffle event .
This is how it works:
There are 4 different NPCs that will be spawned in Ch2 Juno centre.
Every NPC sells a ticket for a different amount of gold 
\"ticket_a.png\"  \"ticket_b.png\"   \"ticket_c.png\" \"07403-af6053f9-3c68-444d-830b-8f62ca71d9\"
Purchasing one of these tickets, you will automatically be entered into the raffle event and have the chance to win the prize that matches the type of the ticket you bought. (the ticket will disappear when you change maps or relog, but you will still have entered the event).
The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.
The NPCs will be spawned for a few days and then removed before the draw.


Raffle Ticket A = 15k cash


Raffle Ticket B =  Special seals C2 cover for a class of choice. (you can pick one model only)


Raffle Ticket C = 500 Iris book chapter 2 surprise box


Raffle Ticket D = 250 Chaos Energies


C2 covers models :


Titan, Rogue, Knight , Healer , Mage, Sorcerer : Lv 85 set , Lv 97 set , Lv 107 set , Lv 127 set , Lv 165 set


Nightshadow : Lv 119 set , Lv 149 set , Lv 160 set



Example : \"0690d-ac6d2d26-9255-424a-b4c7-7a59be5831\" 



Every C2 parts will have those special seals : \"0690d-fdf4a5d9-29c6-45e2-9870-800efafd8f\"



It expires in 1 month as any other C2  cover.



Winners will be picked Randomly and announced on forum and in game.
End Date is 21/07/2018 at 18.00

Posted by AnXieTy at Monday, 12 March - 06:06
Signature Event [gs]tildeath


Time to bring out the inner artist in you. I'm in need of a new Forums Signature. 


1. Signature CAN NOT be more then 700x350 pixeis
2. No inappropriate images or wording.
3. You can do more then one entry but all entries have to be in a single thread.
4. This event will run for 1 week

TilDeath's requirement:

1. \"TilDeath\" any color.
2. Guild must be on there xxNWOxx.
3.\" [GS]\" must be part of the name.
4. I am a knight so something with a knight does not have to be game related.


You may only pick one reward if you win:

1. 8k Cash
2. 5x Coral level 15
3. Pot Set

(2x ProHPMP, 2x 7day Stealers, 50x Green Lucky Pouches, 15x Superbuffs, 10x 30 Day Boxes)

4. 25% of one affinity of your choice
5. 25% faction points added to your faction

I leave my Signature in your hands. Be Creative and Good Luck!
:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)

Posted by TilDeath at Thursday, 01 March - 15:34
Treasure Hunt
Ladies and Gentlemen Players of all ages!
This is the rules and how to play the Treasure Hunt Event.
Rules are simple, you will meet up in 3 different worlds each world you have to find 3 different items that mobs drop and bring back a certain AMOUNT of that item to the GS.  There will be 2 winners for each round it is first come first serve so be fast to find the items and collect the amounts needed for each one.  
There will be a Bonus round where you are told to find 1 item plus find the GS that will be hiding somewhere in Juno this Bonus round will have 1 winner
The items that we will ask for are things you don't normally keep and test your skills on the game and finding what mobs are dropping what we ask for. 
Good Luck and We hope you enjoy this Event   :)
Posted by TilDeath at Saturday, 06 January - 01:10
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Elementalist Venatorum   26 zJsZ6 Wizard Venatorum
lToKiooooooOl Wizard VengeanceKeepers   27 Maleficus Witch NocnaFuriaa
NoWhereToBeSeen Wizard ZoneZero   28 FlawlessZip Cleric HavanaClub
4 Bephan NightShadow DcWs   29 Tripex Elementalist Venatorum
5 DamnTrusty Wizard   30 ShaL Highlander
6 DooMsday NightShadow Venatorum   31 Domey Assassin HavanaClub
7 Yasenx3 ExAssassin lDanGeRouSl   32 MRxVlad Witch UnKnowNBadBoyZ
8 Velox ExAssassin HavanaClub   33 xStarDoN Wizard Arcadia
9 Szelma123 ExAssassin   34 Minikeya Cleric lDanGeRouSl
10 FlawlessReborn Wizard HavanaClub   35 BLACKSTAR Assassin
11 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   36 JustBlaze Ranger HavanaClub
12 ShaaLa Assassin lDanGeRouSl   37 xUnknow ExAssassin
13 xBlackHawkx Assassin lSwearSheWas18   38 Anero Assassin HavanaClub
14 lAndromedal Assassin lBlackMoonl   39 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PaktDerWoelfe
15 Baaah Wizard Descendants   40 Siqu Assassin Venatorum
16 SlashIce Ranger VengeanceKeepers   41 lLexa Specialist Venatorum
17 xPabloEscobar NightShadow HavanaClub   42 VezU Ranger
18 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3   43 Raly Specialist ComermeLaPolla
19 KendalI Wizard   44 NeideRv3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl
20 xCouldntDefendIt Wizard 0nlyUsGirls   45 ZaraToraS NightShadow UnKnowNBadBoyZ
21 InSpIRaTioN ExAssassin   46 xlAyrtonlx Assassin
22 Aiirusx3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl   47 LeeFans Ranger
23 Izarfez Witch VengeanceKeepers   48 Nastyy NightShadow HavanaClub
24 xTwister ExAssassin SlayNatioN   49 SmoKja Assassin Arcadia
25 Mahiru Wizard lDanGeRouSl   50 Malutki Assassin lDanGeRouSl

Next ranking update in 11 hours, 7 minutes and 18 seconds