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Saturday July 01 @ 20:00
Sunday July 02 @ 20:00
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Update: Cap 265 - Equipment - New Map

Here it is, the next big update. 
I know there are quite a few people who don't like a new cap, but hey leveling is part of a MMO. 

This is the list of changes:


  • Level cap increased to 265
    Leveling is done grinding in the new map, a special EXP booster is created that only works in this map.
    This exp booster will boost your exp x6 instead of x4.
    This can be purchased for gold at the shop NPC in the new map.
  • Completely new map added to the game called Aidia for levels 250+
    This map is filled with new monsters and a few challenging boss monsters.
  • Level 265 equipment added, can be created in the new map.
  • Affinity added in the new map. requirement for the 265 equipment
  • Empty bottle added, this item upon use will give a random 5 minute buff, works in a similar way like halloween candys
  • Generic Moonstone added, this moonstone is the new highest grade moonstone and can be obtained in the new map.
  • New Chaos Jewels are created with skills on them.
    These skills have a 5% chance to activate when you get hit and will last for 6 seconds.
    For this skill to activate you need to have a item called Chaos Energy which drops in the new map from all mobs
  • All the normal C2 costumes are now also available with "Faction bloodseals" you can buy these in your faction's base camp in Alber
  • Tomb of Theo amount of monsters increased, EXP rate in Tomb of Theo increased aswel
  • Holy Trial moved to Ch2, Ch4 removed
  • Probably more things but i can't remember it directly.
Posted at Friday, 17 March - 17:26 by Administrator
Wanted: Testers For The Next Update
Good evening.

The next large update is right behind the corner.
To make sure everything works like it should i am looking
for a few players that are willing to test this new content.

I know that there are quite a few people curious about the update.
However if you only want to apply to see the update then i rather you don't.
This update is quite a bit PVE based so consider that before you apply.

I think the testing phase will last all week.
Because it is possible that things change i will have to ask all testers to follow this principle:
What happens on the test server stays on the test server.

If you want to apply, please send me a PM with the account(s) you want to unlock for the test server.
The test server user database is a copy from the live server of this afternoon.
When you are accepted i will add you to a usergroup on the forum to get all the details.
Posted at Monday, 27 February - 19:21 by Administrator
Small Update Before The Bigger One
While i was working on the update i stumbled across a few smaller things that can be updated before the bigger update happens.

- Telekinese will no longer work in PVP. If the only reason to use this skill is to bug people then there is no place for it.
- A completely new item is added, its called the Buff Lock. When activated you will not lose your buffs and potions any more when you die.
This item comes in 1 hour, 3 hours, 1 day, 7 days.
- To give you guys more reason to play the castle sieges we have increased the bloodseals of the siege C2 Costumes
- I have added 2 extra premium inventory tabs, so 50 more slots of inventory space! you can purchase the keys at the special items dealer2
Posted at Saturday, 04 February - 21:50 by Administrator
Raffle Event 12/06/2017

Hi everyone!
That's our Raffle event .
This is how it works:
There are 4 different NPCs that will be spawned in Ch2 Juno centre.
Every NPC sells a ticket for a different amount of gold 
\"ticket_a.png\"  \"ticket_b.png\"   \"ticket_c.png\" \"07403-af6053f9-3c68-444d-830b-8f62ca71d9\"
Purchasing one of these tickets, you will automatically be entered into the raffle event and have the chance to win the prize that matches the type of the ticket you bought. (the ticket will disappear when you change maps or relog, but you will still have entered the event).
The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.
The NPCs will be spawned for a few days and then removed before the draw.


Raffle Ticket C =  Special seals C2 cover for a class of choice. (you can pick one model only)


Raffle Ticket B =  Special Name Tag. (2 weeks lenght). We give you the chance to have a special name tag . Such as: (test) 'Test' and so on...


Not all options are sadly working, and you can't use [test], so we need to try out together if the option you like works properly. Also is possible to use Emojis, but only in part. They will work on Texts but look ugly in the name itself : \"0731b-511086e4-81b3-47e2-a23a-b39d3d83d2\"


Raffle Ticket A = Mystery pet (lv 165)  \"0760c-2be7aece-df5d-4df3-9cc9-7fd9cea4fc\"

Ticket D = 2500 LCGN logo

C2 covers models :


Titan, Rogue, Knight , Healer , Mage, Sorcerer : Lv 85 set , Lv 97 set , Lv 107 set , Lv 127 set , Lv 165 set


Nightshadow : Lv 119 set , Lv 149 set , Lv 160 set



Example : \"0690d-ac6d2d26-9255-424a-b4c7-7a59be5831\" 



Every C2 parts will have those special seals : \"0690d-fdf4a5d9-29c6-45e2-9870-800efafd8f\"



It expires in 1 month as any other C2  cover.



Winners will be picked Randomly and announced on forum and in game.
End Date is 17/06/2017 at 18.00

Posted by AnXieTy at Friday, 17 March - 17:26
Easter Weekend Event Information!

Hello Everyone!

First,Let us say Happy Easter from all of us here at LCGN02 ('cept ShaaLa he rood)

We've brainstormed up a 3 day series of events for you to enjoy

If you participate on ALL THREE days your name will be entered into a raffle for your choice of 1 265 gear part

Saturday : Egg Scramble (Word Scramble,Easter Themed)

                       This is self explanatory, typical scramble rules apply

                        No Multiclients! 

                        hosted by [GS]AfterLife

                        We Hope You Enjoyed!



Sunday   Egg Hunt (Item Search & Collect / Redeem)

                        We will drop multiple items to represent 'eggs' randomly on 6 maps 

                        And a bonus 7th

                        We will tell you which map to hunt as we go along

                        You only have a few minutes before the items vanish to the LC Gods so you have to hurry!

                        This event will be done twice in the same day

                        The more eggs you find the bigger rewards you can redeem for!

                        Note : Redemption list below picture

                        NOTE: This is your item(egg) to hunt : 

                  Lucky Pouch[Event Item]



Heres The Redemption List and abit more information :

1 item Pro Candle

2 items 1 Generic Moonstone
5 items One set of pro pots
5 items 250 pumpkin candy 
15 items 50 Green lucky pouch
15 items  50 Damage Reduction Potion
20 items 25 superbuffs
45 items 25 Affinity Box
50 items 100b gold
70 items 2.5k cash
75 items Premium Character Pkg
100 items 15x 1m faction points OR 7day buff lock (your choice)
250 items certificate of Aidia(for gear crafting)
Note : The top THREE gatherers will be awarded the chocoholic title simply for working so hard! (and they can still redeem for prizes!)
          You can split them up and redeem for more than 1 choice (exception: we will not allow too many generic moonstones,they are more for overflow(extra)pouches after a larger redemption choice. Example : we will not allow 50 pouches to be redeemed for 25 stones))
          Each person who redeems will receive 3 H&S cards as well as a bonus for participating

Monday : Egg Toss (Pvp / Escort Event)

                     We've done this before  :D

                     Team up with up to 3 friends or even 3 people you just met to find and escort the GS 'egg' safely to the designated location, ie me [GM]JezeBelle to get the prize!

                     No Premium Ports / Party Recalls

                     No Priest Balls

                     No Mounts

                     No p2 DEbuffs or attack skills(ie stun stone etc. Self buffs allowed) 

                     No Kerons

                     No Holy Wave (to prevent deathbugs)

                     No Medicines/Lifesavers (Owl heals allowed)

                     No Lost Pyra Scrolls

                     No Resurrection Scrolls (Any Type)

                     Clerics may use Attack Skills(stun,mod etc)Party Heal / Resurrection Skill ONLY(no single heal fast heal barrier or souls)

                     Clerics may NOT resurrect the GS

                     Maximum 1 cleric per team

                     Starting area will be announced for all players to gather and prepare.

                     They will be given 30minutes to get ready

                     You may only join ONE team

                     If your whole party dies, the GS egg will roll away and go hide again

                     If you fail to protect your GS egg and they die they will roll away and hide again but your party MUST wait 2 minutes before partying another GS egg to rescue

                     Remember eggs have no legs so the trek will be slow! They will use only walk mode to travel

                     Gs Glows will be removed to avoid penalty(and give them normal size HP)

                     Only the first team to succeed in escort will win their choice of :

                            A : A :12 berserker 12 adrenalines 12 pro candle 1500  halloween candy,12 pro shield,3 pro hp+mp 6 pro const,streng,int,dex

                            B : 8k cash(must wait for admin to apply) OR 320b gold(immediate payout by me)

                            C : 125 Aidia materials of choice(for crafting, no certificates of aidia/atk concentrates)

- Lost Key of Aidia - KrekNe Steranijs - Harp of the gods -Third Eye Necklace - Warriors Belt  - Purple Candle - Chaos Seek  - Demon Shield  - Recipe for Pannekoek  - Old Rope - Lizard Scale - History Powder - Dark Takske  - Love Elyxir  - Blue Fabric - Coin of the Emperor  - Bag of dust  - Dorpagen Essence - Dragon Berserker Essence - Drake Essence - Broken Egg  - Red Orb - Illuminated Feather 


Edit : Special Thanks to NoWhereToBeSeen for helping with the technical difficulties <3 Total lifesaver!

Posted by JezeBelle at Monday, 27 February - 19:21
Signature For Leo!

                                                                           SIGNATURE EVENT FOR LEO!



Ladies & Gentlemen,


It's Timeeee, i've seen that in forum im maybe the only one to haven't a signature! :P


So i think it's time to let you decide and make one for me. (if you can)  ;)


I'd like to have in : 3D images or something who's moving (like the Natsu signature, i love it :wub: )!


My main char in game is the Night Shadow, so if you could put it tho, should be very great!


Dont wanna more, so i'll let you use your creativity tho. ;)


​End of the event : 17/04/2017






​                        Better one : 400kkk + 1 hp+mp 7d pot + 3 of 3h buff lock + 10 superbuffs



​                                                  Thank you already & Cya in game!  :P 

Posted by xSecretBusiness at Saturday, 04 February - 21:50
PVP Point Top 50 Ranking
# Name Class Guild   # Name Class Guild
Trygonus Specialist lDanGeRouSl   26 BLACKSTAR Assassin SlaystatioN
Bisu Assassin NaturalSelection   27 Domey Assassin HavanaClub
Bephan NightShadow DcWs   28 Anero Assassin Boostedkids
4 NoWhereToBeSeen Wizard Descendants   29 xTwister ExAssassin SlaystatioN
5 LumenHistoire Witch lDanGeRouSl   30 xUnknow ExAssassin
6 IxIALFIxI ExAssassin UnknownKillerS   31 BLACKBAER ExAssassin PaktDerWoelfe
7 xNatsuDragneel ExAssassin lDanGeRouSl   32 VezU Ranger Trolling
8 RetireD NightShadow NoHarmIntended   33 SakaR Assassin Venatorum
9 xBlackHawkx Assassin lSwearSheWas18   34 xMarshmallow Wizard
10 lAndromedal Assassin lBlackMoonl   35 Raly Specialist ComermeLaPolla
11 Baaah Wizard Descendants   36 NeideRv3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl
12 xPr1nz1p Wizard NaturalSelection   37 CracKzX NightShadow lDanGeRouSl
13 lShaaLaDaBossl Assassin lDanGeRouSl   38 xCouldntDefendIt Witch 0nlyUsGirls
14 x404 Assassin   39 xlAyrtonlx Assassin
15 lMIlWowchita Wizard Arcadia   40 KingKong Ranger UNiTE
16 StopCryPlz ExAssassin H0St1L3   41 Malutki Assassin lDanGeRouSl
17 xPabloEscobar NightShadow TheVoice0fMayhem   42 Galianoo Assassin
18 KendalI Wizard   43 xStarDoN Wizard Arcadia
19 Aiirusx3 Assassin lDanGeRouSl   44 ShockS Assassin
20 InSpIRaTioN ExAssassin   45 Shelsea Archer NeverHate
21 Maleficus Witch   46 SmoKja Assassin Arcadia
22 xSecretPeter Ranger   47 Lacrima ExAssassin HavanaClub
23 xXKickasSXx Assassin   48 FasoN Assassin NoMercyForU
24 xUmbreon Wizard lDanGeRouSl   49 Vossen Wizard Descendants
25 StarDon ExAssassin Arcadia   50 IBadxInfluenceI NightShadow

Next ranking update in 10 hours, 58 minutes and 37 seconds