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Saturday October 24 @ 20:00
Sunday October 25 @ 20:00
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Halloween Event

Hey Players !








Both of these masks can be found at the costume NPC in Juno

You will need them!



What you need to do : 


Start Monday 12 October 23h35 server time untill 1st November 00h00  we want you to stalk our staffs.


Just like Jason chasing his terrified victims around Crystal Lake... thanks to Jeze for this Event idea Base , enjoyed to do that before   ;) 





or Ghostface popping up when you least expect it!








Get them in as many screenshots or short videos as possible.(if you dont know how to compile screens into a short video, you may post them in the order you want them to be viewed for the same feel)

We will allow halloween themed edits--flashes and dark shadows and cheesy horror flick noises etc


We will give you ALL this time  to catch us as many times as possible ! 


Remember BOTH your character in its Mask AND the staff member MUST remain visible through any edits and we need to see the hour and date too!











The more of us you stalk, the more awesome screens you get to put together for the best entry !


Here's Our Staff List :


Administrator Wizatek















Prizes :  ( one price per IP )


For 100% stalk staff :    7k cash + special new halloween wings + Pro stalk Box





Yeahhhhhh , but don't worry GM are always not visible xD



There will be three total as follows :  


Best Jason compilation ( 5k cash and a Pro Stalk reward Box )


Best Ghostface compilation ( 5k cash and a Pro Stalk reward Box )


Best OVERALL compilation.. will it be Ghostface? or will it be Jason?!? ( 5k cash and a Pro Stalk reward Box )


That's up to you guys, so get stalking!


-enter cheesy horror music here-


For other participant : 



100% GS stalk =  Medium Stalk reward package ( let's see some suspense here )


100% GS and GM stalk = Pro Stalk reward package ( better than other one )





So let's go have fun and be funny with your mask !





isn't over ....



During this Event GS and GM will spawn some Pumkin too , don't forget to put your Pumkin head for see them !



  • Each pumpkin killed is counted and shows below your radar
  • Other Pumpkins will be  auto spawn in all maps on a random location every 5 minutes and stay for 60 mintutes.( for every one who want farm them 7/7 h 24/24 )





And ...





  • Automatic daily spawn of 2 bosses, one between 1h and 12h and one between 13h and 23h, It will spawn in a random channel, in a random map at a random place.
    It will announce the channel and map. The boss is a small pumpkin, when it dies, a bigger one comes, when that dies, another bigger one, until after 4 pumpkins the boss pumpkin comes
    When its dead it will drop a black pumpkin, can't be trade, can't be deleted until after the event


  • Pumpkin Ranbow until dark Pumpkin will have a 25% increase in power for each step. each step also drops 1 reformer more than the step before


Sadly i hope you will have some of Black Pumpkin in your inventory at the End of Event   :rolleyes: 



it's over ? 






Nah !! 


We will try to organize a team PvP event with Pumpkin head for all   :lol:  ( stay tuned for the date and rules ) 





And other thing will come   :P 






Try to have this mask ( congratz to kenzliee design works and wiza to create it for us )


Quests added to get the purge mask, from Haunted Knight near West Gate , and you need to kill some skeleton invasion for have it   :P 


Sure each skeleton invasion will be announced in game by message so stay tunned   :wub: 



And will be other surprises by Kenzliee Design collection   ;) 

Posted at Sunday, 11 October - 20:58 by SinCaRa
Reboot 2020-09-22

This mornings reboot was made for 3 reasons.

1. Fix the Frozen Tundra, it was living a live on its own
2. Update the OX Event questions

This change was suggested and spoken about a few times already.
I want to implement it, and test how it goes.
If we notice that it does not improve things, i will remove the limitation again.

3. Barrier and Damagelink can not be used together.

Posted at Tuesday, 22 September - 06:24 by Administrator
Custom Titles/names



This is a service notice about the custom titles/names situation.


We will not tolerate any longer any title/name who is considered offensive/abusive IN ANY WAY towards specific players or group of people.

We will not tolerate any title/name who is directed to provoke or cause dramas.

We will not tolerate any title/name who contains insultive or abusive words.


All these above will be changed by the staff without any notice. Cash spent to create them will not be returned.

Recreating the title/name after it was changed might lead to a ban/ip ban overtime.


Please report any name/title you can consider unfitting so we can give it a look and act on it if is the case.


Keep the server clean, stop acting like kids.

More and more strict actions, regarding multiple subjects, will come up over time if we don't see improvements in the players behaviour.

Posted at Monday, 31 August - 10:59 by AnXieTy
Halloween 4 Vs 4 Pvp Event

4 vs 4 PVP EVENT



Start is at Friday 23.10.20 21:30 in Game Time.



Register your party With your Char Name and Class  on this post 


Put the name of the chief of party on your post ( will be used by us for communicate easier during the event)



Meeting ch3 juno center 15 minutes before the tournament ! 



Waiting room will be here :





and i'll RC team in arena for fight :







Who one disturb the tournament or don't listen staff will be kicked with his team .


You Need to wear halloween pumkin head and we need to see it during the pvp event !


And you need to be without Guild ( yeah big guild can pvp against their member with that )




Woods Curse Title not allowed !

Siege Cover not allowed !

No Recalls Or Premium Porting.

No Resurrection Scrolls.

No Garlands.

No Element Scrolls  Deff/Attck.

 Souls from other chars or any other buffs are allowed !

Cleric is allowed , one per party !

One Witch per party (Witch and ArchWitch are the same) !

Cover title not allowed.

No P2

Tk is not allowed.

No invi for rogue-ex rogue during the event

1 char per IP for the event ( we will check it )






1.Place: New B10 wings from Kenzliee fashion collection you can choose the one you want  , 3k cash , Pro Stalk reward package


2. Place: 2k cash , Pro Stalk reward package


3.Place: 1k cash , Medium Stalk reward package




Kenzliee fashion collection :









Posted by SinCaRa at Sunday, 11 October - 20:58
Pvp Event On Friday The 16.10.20

1 vs 1 PVP EVENT



Start is at Friday 16.10.20 21:30 in Game Time Juno Arena Ch 1.



Register only With your Char Name and Class.


Its a best of 3 in every fight.







Woods Curse Title not allowed !

Siege Cover not allowed !

No Recalls Or Premium Porting.

No Resurrection Scrolls.

No Garlands.

No Element Scrolls  Deff/Attck.

No Souls from other chars or any other buffs.

Cleric is not allowed.

Cover title not allowed.

No P2

Tk is not allowed.

Distrub the event:

1 Offense = 3 Days Ban
2+ Offenses = 1 Week Ban





1.Place: Mass Murder, 20 reformer , 5k Cash , 2 Bonus Event Chips

2. Place:15 Reformer  , 3k Cash , 1 Bonus Event Chip

3.Place:10 Reformer  , 1k Cash , 3 Normal Event Chips



All participants (out of the ranking)  will get 5 H&S cards





WE do these PvP events for you so please dont destroy them if you lose or anything else.

Posted by xAang at Tuesday, 22 September - 06:24
Event - Xo Questions

Hello dear community, 


I would like to share with you the new event we're going to introduce on Monday : The XO Questions Event 


This is an old event that was present on official servers that some of you may know. 


  1. How to access there


  • You must go to Domain Marchant NPC




  • and click on ' Entrance XO Quizz Event Room ' 


2. The room


(yes,this is the guild hall  :ph34r: )  In a side you have the X that stands for False and O that stands for Right - it can also stands for different possibilities of answers 




3.The purpose :





  • Here for example, the answer was X,  I got it right so I didn't get kicked out of the room, but if I answered wrongly (O), I would have been kicked back to Juno and the game would be over for me.
  • There are 15 questions, and you get the price at the end, if you're the Last Man/Woman Standing or if you reach 15 good answers!

4. The prices: 


  • If you reach 15 good questions : 5 million SP points on the char you'll choose + 15 HS Cards + 3 Bonus chips event
  • If you win because you are the last person, and can't reach the 15 good answers : 2M SP ! + 10 HS Cards + 3 Chips event.


The event will be on Monday, the entrance will open at 21h30 and the event will officially start at 21h40.

We'll announce it 20, 10, 5 minutes before it opens and when it is finally open


5.Rules : 


  • Do not flame, do not insult or you'll be kicked automatically from the event (with no possibility to join again)
  • Only one char per player, it'll be checked by the GMs
  • If you have any recommendation about the questions, please send me a PM in game or in the forum 


Thank you very much!


Posted by Kenzliee at Monday, 31 August - 10:59