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[For The Lazy] Level 265 Jump Potion

49,999 Cash

  •  265Lv Jump Potion [With Gear]

For those that don't like to level. Will level you directly to 265 wirh 265+25 armor and +20 weapon

[For The Lazy] Max Finity

49,999 Cash

  •  Maxfinity 100%

This item opens ALL affinities and max them out 100%

[For The Lazy] Big Faction Points

39,999 Cash

  •  Big Faction Points

This item will give you 2 billion faction points at once!

[For The Lazy ] PvP Exchange Unlocker

19,999 Cash

  •  PVP Exchange Unlocker

[Iris Book Help] SoulStone

1,000 Cash

  •  SoulStone Box x30

[Iris Book Help] Letters

1,000 Cash

  •  Weapon Letter x100
  •  Armor Letter x100

Some help with Letters Quest

[Iris Book Help] Keys and Hammer Quest

500 Cash

  •  Golden Key x100
  •  Heavy Hammer x100

a little help for Badboys go to prison quest

[Lazy Iris Book ] Tarian help

1,000 Cash

  •  Seeker of darkness wing x100
  •  Tarvox Bone x150
  •  Tobido horns x100
  •  Extraction of Minerals x150

item required for hello tarian and Lost in tarian quest

[Lazy Iris Book ] Cube Box of Skill

199 Cash

  •  Cube Box of Skill x10

x10 Cube of Box Skill

Damage Reduction Package

500 Cash

  •  Damage Reduction 25% Potion x500

[Lazy Iris Book ] Black Tyrant head

500 Cash

  •  Black Tyrant head x500

[Lazy Iris Book ] Holy Palpiti Head

500 Cash

  •  Holy Palpiti head x200

Strong Medicine Pack

500 Cash

  •  Strong Medicine x500

Monthly Package

5,999 Cash

  •  [LCGN] 7d Super Haste Potion x4
  •  [LCGN] 7d Candle x4
  •  [LCGN] 7d Large Crit Potion x4
  •  [LCGN] 7d Shield x4
  •  Premium Character Package
  •  [LCGN] 7d HP+MP steal potion x4
  •  [PRO] HP+MP Boost Potion x4
  •  Buff Lock 7 Days
  •  Party Recall 30 Day Ticket
  •  Weekly Quest Buff x3
  •  EXP-SP Unlocker 1 Month

[For the Lazy] 10M Sp Container

2,999 Cash

  •  Huge SP Container 10m

Huge SP Container 10m x1

[Lazy Iris Book ] Boss ACC

250 Cash

  •  Irisbook Accessoire Box x5

Needed for old Boss ACC Quest

[Lazy Iris Book ] MC Master

1,999 Cash

  •  Old Coin x1500
  •  Coin of membership x2000
  •  Coin of Performer x2500
  •  Coin of Manager x3000
  •  Coin of Master x3500
  •  Coin of the Elite x4250

Some help for this quest !

[Lazy Iris Book ] Generic Ring Quest

250 Cash

  •  Generic Ring x10

For the Generic Ring Quest

Blessed keys

250 Cash

  •  Blessed Key

Key required to open a weapon box for level 200 weapons

Djinn Recommendation Letter

19,999 Cash

  •  Djinn Recommendation Letter

[For The Lazy ] LvL 275 Armor

19,999 Cash

  •  Armor Perkament x60
  •  Coral1 Lv.5 x6
  •  8Lv Jewel Box x50
  •  Element ChaosJewel Lv2 Box x10
  •  Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 15 x50
  •  [LCGN] Max Rune x6

Legendary Proof E

5,000 Cash

  •  Legendary Proof E

Legendary Proof D

5,000 Cash

  •  Legendary Proof D

Legendary Proof C

5,000 Cash

  •  Legendary Proof C

Legendary Proof B

5,000 Cash

  •  Legendary Proof B

Legendary Proof A

5,000 Cash

  •  Legendary Proof A

Legendary Paper Box

1,000 Cash

  •  Legendary Paper Box

Weekly Quest Buff

1,500 Cash

  •  Weekly Quest Buff

Djinn Charm Lv4 Box

100 Cash

  •  Djinn Charm Lv4 Box

/26743 Djinn Charm Lv4 Box x1

Holy Water of Miracle Pack

1,000 Cash

  •  Holy Water of Miracle x5000

/10979 Holy Water of Miracle x500

New Guild Icon

5,000 Cash

  •  New Guild Icon Token

With this item you can obtain a new Guild Icon. Keep it in your inventory and send us a Ticket. This is a permanent icon without time limit.

Djinn Slot Unlocker

250 Cash

  •  Djinn Slot Unlocker

Unlocks 1 slot in your Djinn Warehouse

SP Package

200 Cash

  •  Nine Curve SP Container

100k SP

PvP Battle Pack

1,500 Cash

  •  [LCGN] Superbuff x5
  •  Green Lucky Pouch x50
  •  Damage Reduction 25% Potion x50
  •  Empty Bottle x50
  •  Platinum Adrenaline
  •  [PRO] Large Crit Potion
  •  [PRO] HP+MP Boost Potion
  •  [PRO] Candle
  •  [PRO] Strength Potion
  •  [PRO] Dexterity Potion
  •  [PRO] Intelligence Potion
  •  [PRO] Constitution Potion
  •  [PRO] Shield

Aidia Weapon Pack

500 Cash

  •  Broken Egg x250
  •  Attack Concentrate x15

Aidia Mats package

2,500 Cash

  •  Aidia Material 10 Pack x10

Divine Stone Pack

250 Cash

  •  Divine Stone x5

SuperBuff Pack

1,000 Cash

  •  [LCGN] Superbuff x50

Chaos Ball Pack

750 Cash

  •  Chaos Ball x100

Chaos Energy Pack

250 Cash

  •  Chaos Energy x500

Generic Moonstone Pack

50 Cash

  •  Generic Moonstone x5

Ethereal Weapon Pack

1,500 Cash

  •  Ethereal Blueprint Box x5
  •  Purple Element Crystal x17
  •  Blue Element Crystal x150

Easy Affinity Pack

5,000 Cash

  •  AllFinity 5%


400 Cash

  •  High Experience Booster x500
  •  [LCGN] High Platinum Blessed Iris
  •  Epic EXP Spell
  •  Random Booster

Advanced Reformer Pack

4,500 Cash

  •  Advanced Grade Re-former x50

Middle Reformer Pack

1,000 Cash

  •  Middle Grade Re-former x100


260 Cash

  •  [PRO] Super Skill Pill
  •  Epic SP Spell
  •  Random Booster
  •  Skill Point Booster x1000